DirecTV Choice Package

Gift Cards From DirecTV

According to some press statements, $100 gift cards will be given out by DirecTV in this NFL season. NFL season started from September 8 and it runs to over 5 months until the Super Bowl game on February 5, 2017. Every year, NFL season is celebrated by DirecTV with their NFL Sunday Ticket package. And now, the new promotion of $100 gift cards is expected to attract more football fans.

The new customers will have to order for the DirecTV Choice package or above in order to qualify for the deal. Subscribers who added the NFL Sunday Ticket will be involuntarily qualified for the gift cards. The gift cards will be in the form of the VISA reward cards by DirecTV.

DirecTV has other sports packages as well, other than the NFL Sunday Ticket, which offer amazing sporting entertainment to viewers. Other packs include pay-per-view sports events, tennis, soccer, golf, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, DirecTV Sports Pack, as well as international sports.

NFL Sunday Ticket is a major advantage of DirecTV. They also have the Fantasy Zone Channel and the Red Zone Channel in their offering, which allow customers to watch 8 NFL games simultaneously. Besides that, NFL On Demand will also be available to the subscribers.


NFL Season Offer

Nevertheless, some of the DirecTV packages are not included in the free gift card promo. DirecTV Entertainment package (All Included) and DirecTV Select package (All Included) are among the ones that do not have the access to the $100 gift card. However, many premium channels in DirecTV are offered free to most of the packages for a limited time.

DirecTV systems have a remote controlled digital set top box receiver and satellite dish. DirecTV has additional equipments that you can add to the basic system. Several types of receivers are also available that will change how you watch the NFL games. DirecTV’s latest DVR receiver Genie can record and play the shows in different rooms without the need of a separate DVR for each room.