2016 Will See Satellite TV Strengthening Its Hold On Television Industry

DirecTV Subscription

DirecTV Subscription Charges

Satellite TV networks have already started to dominate the industry across the world. It has a very clear dominance over the cable TV networks now. In 2016, the Satellite companies will not only strengthen their hold in the industry but will also increase their charges considerably. The customers will be left with no other options but to continue receiving the services at higher rate.

The first to announce a price hike in 2016 are DirecTV and AT&T Uverse. Both of them are under the ownership of a same company. They plan to increase their rate in Jan 28. The price hike would affect the subscribers differently.

Subscribers of basic packages will see a hike ranging between $2 and $8 per month. The price hike has triggered reactions from many subscribers in the social media. Many complain that DirecTV has made price hike a normal thing. Every year, it increases the subscription charges by about 6 percent and it happens mostly in January.

What Are The Consequences?

Air Broadcast TV Networks

Satellite Television

Reports indicate that the price hike of DirecTV subscription charges would not likely make the customers leaving those services for alternative ones. The reason is that competitors of DirecTV and the cable providers are also increasing their subscription charges. Consequently, DirecTV subscribers would retain their subscription instead of leaving it for some other services.

Earlier it was thought that DirecTV price hike would result in favor of cable television providers like Time Warner Cable. However, TWC customers are more likely to quit their provider for clear reasons now. TWC has announced an increase in cable modem rentals as well as broadband services along with the price hike for channel bundles. Furthermore, they are to increase the charges of remote controls, digital adapters, DVR services, DVRs, etc.

Along with TWC, Comcast too has announced a price hike. According to sources privy to them, their prices would go up by nearly 3.9 percent. Their hike has already started to reflect in certain markets. They tend to justify their price hike citing the recent increase in the transmission fee charge of air broadcast TV networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. All these networks redistribute their networks of pay-TV systems.

In fact, 2016 will see all the television network companies raising their subscription charges. It seems there is no option for customers to move to a service provider for some savings, because the price hike is evident across all providers.

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