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Satellite TV Apps

Nowadays you have plenty of features coming in with satellite connection that transcend your living room setup, which comprises a TV, a set top box, and a remote. In this age, TV service is no longer about staying on the couch to get game stat updates, and if it had been that way, pay-TV would have dipped in popularity a decade ago. Subscribers now have mobile apps, which let them interact with their programming more conveniently, and this feature is offered by several of the big providers. Following are some phone apps that help you draw the most out of the services you pay for.

DirecTV Phone App

One of the nation’s largest satellite TV providers, DirecTV offers superb mobile integration with their services. It is not just the acclaimed DirecTV Select package that is good about them; The DirecTV Phone app lets you watch Live and On-Demand shows, as well as movies, from a mobile device. It is also possible to control the TV from a device, performing actions like setting the DVR to record shows, or sending shows from the phone to the TV.

The DirecTV Kids app has parental control features, which ensure that only age-appropriate content can be viewed on the phone, even when you have a DirecTV Family package subscription. Where the NFL Sunday Ticket app lets you watch the games Live as well as receive highlights.

Dish Anywhere App

This app from Dish lets you access content while on the go. It is also possible to access the DVR from your iPhone, watch Live TV, as well as stream On-Demand content.

DirecTV Select Package

TV On The Go

Hopper DVR with Sling may be part of your TV package, in which case you can download and record shows directly from the DVR and onto the phone, without the need for separate a wireless network. It is also easy to filter content for kids, using Dish Anywhere™ Kids Profile.

One of the impediments to the satellite TV quality is that the dish misaligns for some reason. If waiting for the technician means missing a game, you could instead go with the Dish Align app and some elbow grease. This app uses the compass in your phone to make sure the Dish is facing south. It can find a requested satellite, and tell you how exactly to place the dish to get the strongest signal. It is so useful that even satellite technicians use it when they need to set up a new connection.

These are some of the useful phone apps for satellite TV subscribers. There are plenty more coming out these days, many of which are free to download.