Cable TV Alternatives

Dish® Network Packages

Thinking on cutting the cord and move to satellite TV? You may be confused on the satellite TV connection to subscribe, as there are two leaders in the market, Dish® Network and DirecTV®. To simplify the task, the Dish® vs DirecTV® comparison shared below outlines on the content of the programs transmitted by both the providers.


It is true that the basic program packages that are offered by DirecTV® and Dish® Network are similar in many ways. Both these satellite TV networks offer

  • 300 plus channels
  • 200 plus HD channels
  • Access to local broadcasts
  • Free subscription of STARZ®, Showtime®, HBO®, and Cinemax®
  • Sports packages like MILB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, MLS Direct Kick, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Full Court, and ESPN College Football

This means that both the providers have many things in common. If you go with Dish Network, you can get free access to HD programs. You need not pay any extra money to access these HD channels. You can also get a subscription to Sirius XM, which allows you to access satellite music channels together with the Pandora app.

Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV® Packages

On the other hand, if you go for DirecTV ®subscription, you will not get the free HD offering, but you can get access to the NFL Sunday ticket for free. This is an exclusive add-on, which is available only with the DirecTV® network. Also, you can get the bundled SmartMusicTap subscription with DirecTV®.

The last difference is the languages that are supported by the service. Dish® network offers programs in a variety of languages from Spanish and Italian to Tagalog and Urdu, but DirecTV® offers programs in just eight languages. This means that unless you need to watch NFL Sunday Ticket or you are looking for specific language programs, both the satellite TV services offer identical programs and shows.