DirecTV® Offers

DirecTV® is one of the leading satellite TV service providers in the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean. DirecTV® enables users to connect up to 8 devices wirelessly to on HDDVR. It has a Reverse Time feature that allows you to watch missed programs in the last 72 hours. It also features a 14-day list of programs.

DirecTV® offers exclusive programs like NFL Sunday Ticket and can watch up to eight NFL® matches at once. DirecTV® is the best option out there for every die-hard sports fan. It offers the largest number of Premium and Sports channels with HD clarity.

Genie, DirecTV®’s most advanced HD DVR system, is capable of recording up to 5 shows at once and can store up to 200 hrs of HD entertainment. It also has a tune in feature, where you can keep track of your favorite sporting events at one place, and view them with the click of a button.

Genie DVR is filled with features like picture in picture, which allows a person to see two channels on one screen simultaneously. Genie Minis allow you to watch, pause, record, and delete shows in any room using a single Genie DVR.

DirecTV® have 13 satellites in orbit ensuring good connection in the North American Continent. In comparison to other cable service providers and networks, subscribing to DirecTV® costs 50% less, where offering 3o% extra channels at the same time.

DirecTV® Packages

DirecTV Packages

Satellite TV Provider

DirecTV® packages comes under six categories, namely SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. DirecTV® Select package offers you 145+ channels, including all local channels for 12 months and premium channels from HBO®, STARZ® and ShowTime® for a limited time of 3 months. The DirecTV® Select package comes for $50 per month.

The DirecTV® Entertainment package features 150+ channels at the rate of $55 a month, where the DirecTV® Choice package offers 175+ channels at a monthly rate of $60 for 12 months. The DirecTV® XTRA package comes for $70 a month for 12 months and offers 220+ channels, where the DirecTV® Ultimate package features 240+channels at a monthly cost of $75 for 12 months.

The DirecTV® Premier package offers you 315+ channels at a rate of $125 per month for a year. All DirecTV® packages except for the DirecTV® Select package have free subscription of NFL Sunday Ticket MAX. So, if you are a sports and movies fan, DirecTV® would be the best match for your entertainment needs.