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The latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, was launched a just few days ago, and AT&T is offering one of the best and cheapest streaming service deals through the streaming platform. The basic package of DirecTV Now gives subscribers access to more than 60 channels at just $35 a month. However, DirecTV Now did encounter a few technical errors after its launch and things haven’t been easy for the major telecom company.

Recently, DirecTV Now subscribers shared their concerns and disappointment on the social media, when the streaming service experienced a few temporary service outages. DirecTV Now subscribers were not able to access the NFL games, which were broadcasted on their licensed channels. Subscribers were furious over this issue and some users took the issue to Twitter and complained that they were disappointed to find an error screen on the streaming service.

Interestingly, representatives from AT&T refused to reply immediately to the issue. However, they did post a message to the affected subscribers on Twitter saying that, “We appreciate your patience! We’re fixing our streaming issues now.”

It is also reported that a few of the DirecTV Now subscribers had complained about streaming troubles on Twitter on December 1 (a day after the launch of DirecTV Now). AT&T replied to these concerns by stating, “We experienced an issue last night that prevented some customers from streaming. Engineers resolved the issue and we haven’t experienced it since.”

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It is still not known how outspread these temporary service outages are or how many DirecTV Now customers were affected by this issue. However, reports indicate that DirecTV Now is not the only virtual MVPD to encounter live streaming issues. The streaming service from Dish Network, Sling TV, also experienced numerous service outages since its launch in 2015. In addition to that, Sling TV’s app is still unplayable on a few platforms such as Xbox One.

AT&T engineers are trying to the resolve the issue in order to eliminate the service outages and to offer their contents without any lags or technical errors. On the other hand, the marketing team from AT&T will have to explain customers about the licensing terms of the steaming service. Company officials said that DirecTV Now subscribers will be able to access NFL games within a few days.