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Dish HopperGO

TV viewing has never been the way it is today. Be it the surge in cable TV services, sophisticated satellite TV techniques, or advanced equipment, the home entertainment system has got better and better every time. And now, Dish Network is gearing up to provide even more superior TV viewing experience to its subscribers.

HopperGO is the latest DVR by Dish Network, which literally allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on the go. The “tiny” device is compatible with Hopper 3 and Hopper with Sling, and lets you carry all your recorded programs along. Setup of the device is also quite simple; Dish Network has it all covered.

You get step-by-step instructions when connecting the device for the first time. You will get a confirmation on the TV, after which, you need to connect the Dish Anywhere app to the HopperGO’s ad hoc Wi-Fi network. There is also a reset button on the device to take back the device to its initial programming, if anything goes wrong during the setup. If the setup is OK, you can start selecting the recorded shows to transfer to HopperGO.

Dish Network

TV On The Go

Though it looks quite small, Dish HopperGO can carry up to 100 hours of HD shows, which would be enough for the entire Game of Thrones seasons 1-5. The only requirement is that you need to watch the transferred videos within 60 days. The device works even when there is an internet outage or a heavy downpour is restricting you from watching TV. Besides that, you can even share the saved videos to other devices, as the HopperGO ad hoc Wi-Fi allows connecting up to 5 devices. This means, entertainment is not blocked in any way.

Dish HopperGO portable DVR is available for all Dish Network subscribers for $99.00. Representatives from the satellite TV company also said that the offer price will remain the same for all future Dish Network subscribers.