Cox Vs TWC

TV Viewing Experience

When it comes to the services being offered, Time Warner Cable (TWC) shares a lot of similarities with Cox. However, both of them compete in the market by trying to offer better services and deals than that of their competitors. So if you were planning to go for either of these services, it would be better to do a careful comparison of Cox vs TWC packages, and see what each of them has to offer to furnish your needs in the best way.

Data Packages

When it comes to the data and internet speed test, both TWC and Cox score somewhat similar. TWC offers its basic internet plan at 6/1 Mbps speed, where the highest plan in offer will give you 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed. On the other hand, the basic plan from Cox offers 5/1 Mbps speed, while the highest plan gives you 150 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speeds.

Cox offers plans that meet the needs of average users as well as business users. The 5 Mbps plan may sound quiet modest in the current scenario where 4G LTE and other high-speed internet plans are on the surge. Nevertheless, most of average users in the country are happy with this basic plan. The 5 Mbps plan is more than enough for usual browsing, YouTube surfing and video download.

Basic Internet Plan

Stream TV Channels

Yet again, there are some people, who always give priority to speed than to the pricing, and for them, the basic data pack from TWC, which offers a bit faster internet than that of Cox, might sound just the deal. As for the subscription charges, both TWC and Cox have reasonably priced internet offerings, and thus stay very competitive in this area.

VoIP services

The competition between Cox and TWC are not just confined to their offerings in the internet and data sector. Both companies compete with each other in the VoIP services arena as well. VoIP services of both companies are perfect.

Integration Of Security Features

TWC’s broadband services are incorporated with advanced security features. Cox is also good at security integration, but TWC is one step ahead of Cox in terms of its support and well-designed app.