Cable TV Subscription

Ditch Cable Subscription

For years, together cable TV was the only source in getting good quality shows for the audiences across the world. However, everyone would have come across few experiences at least once, which would have made them think about ending cable TV subscription or move on to some other cable TV alternatives.

Is it time to cut the cords? If yes, here are few alternatives to cable television.

TV Antenna

This is still one of the best cable TV alternatives. Many free TV stations are available in a quality antenna. You can get channels totally free with higher quality than cable as the broadcasts are compressed.


A broadband internet service is required here. Once you have that, Netflix will provide you with different programming options including latest movies and exclusive TV series.

Amazon Instant Video

Another giant in this space, offering a quality service for low rentals is Amazon. Even few shows can be watched within 24 hours of their airtime. Having a prime account helps in getting some contents for free.

Cable Replacement Services

This includes services like Sling TV and Play Station Vue, which work same as that of cable, except that they come streaming over the internet rather than through analog wires.

Satellite TV

Cable TV Alternatives

Move On From Cable

Always considered as the best of all cable TV alternatives, satellite TV gives you an extensive platform for exploring your favorite genre. Be it sports, movies, or news channels you like, you can get a lineup of all your favorite channels with satellite TV. They also air local, regional, national, and international channels, so you don’t have anything to stay short on.

Other Services

Plex: A media library can be made in your computer and then stream to your TV or laptop.

Crackle: A free service offered by Sony where you can watch free movies online. An account registration free of cost is needed to watch the films.

Even if it looks funny, taking a break from TV viewing is one of the ways that many people consider as a good option these days. Cancel the cable subscription without a replacement. The time that you devote for watching TV can be utilized for some other works.

At the end, the decision is always upon you. Rather than staying as a prisoner to cable TV subscription, you can cut the cord, be free from your hefty bills, and enjoy all your favorite shows by choosing any of the cable TV alternatives.