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AT&T® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have made several new improvements to the internet of things platform such as the LTE-M based button. With this button, users are offered the option to submit service requests or place supplies for office supplies using a single click. This new button will be included in the IoT network launched by AT&T® this year. The launch of the button is to take place in the first quarter of next year. It is available to the customers for a promotional price of $30 for each LTE button in the first 5000 sold.

According to Mike Troiano, vice president of Internet of Things solutions for AT&T®, the price for the LTE-M button will settle between $30 after the end of the promotional period. The main target of this LTE-M button is in the enterprise market and will have a life expectancy of three years. Included along with this price is the data usage through the product lifespan. AT&T®, one of the best internet services in the country has been a long time collaborator with Amazon Web Services.

As a part of the collaboration, the new LTE-M button will also bore the services of AWS such as its 1-click service. This new initiative put forward by AWS aids customers having a minimal configuration to use their services. The price tag of AT&T’s button is a bit high when compared to Amazon’s Dish, which is consumer-targeted gadget priced for $20. However, this increase in the price is supplanted with ease of cellular connectivity provided to the business customers of AT&T®.

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This will help them reduce the costs involved in hiring IT repairpersons for resolving problems with the connectivity. Using cellular connections allows in establishing coverage across remoter areas such as agricultural or oil fields where there is the unavailability of any Wi-Fi networks.

This enables the customers to utilize the LTE-M button straight out of the box without having the need to carry out any kind of provisioning. AT&T® has made a clear position to its newly introduced LTE-M button as a much simpler and reliable alternative over Wi-Fi connected devices.

The Telco has also stated that there will be a decline in the prices of the devices from the expected growth and evolution of the LPWA technologies. In addition, AT&T® has made several plans for extending its cellular business into the Wi-Fi dominated segments and devices.