Superbike From LeEco

AT&T, and a Chinese company, LeEco, recently introduced superbikes to solve the troubles faced by a cyclist. Cyclists have to watch out for all sorts of dangers on the road like big vehicles, surprise opening of doors, and theft. It is reported that more than 1.5 million cycles are stolen every year in the US.

The new superbike is titanium or carbon fiber framed with handlebars having built in smartphones. The smartphone can also work as a music player with loudspeaker, and has a finger print scanner, GPS system, smart locks, media center, and intercom system. The finger print sensor can be used to lock the bike.

It also has a horn, headlights, taillights, and turn signals. It will also mark a personal lane for the cyclists with its side lasers. It will also have lasers to be used at nights, and when the front and rear lights are on, the lasers would turn on automatically.

Overall, hospital emergency rooms had 494,000 visits last year due to cycle accidents. To prevent cycle crashes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended for more lights, and AT&T and LeEco have made sure they incorporate that in their superbikes.


AT&T-LeEco Joint Venture

Power for the functioning the bike is derived from a battery, which can be charged with a wheel mounted power system or by a battery pack. There are 3 buttons on the top tube of the bike for power, front and rear lights, and for camera. Thump controls for mode, music, and indicator lights are placed near each handgrip. A sensor for tracking pedal rotations is located near the rear wheel.

Senior Vice President of IoT Solutions of AT&T, Chris Penrose, stated that, “We already connected millions of things — from cars, homes and wearable to farms, factories and cities. The Super Bike shows once again how connectivity can change how we work and play.”

Thieves can still steal the cycles by carrying it off, so it has to be secured by a lock and chain as well. In case it gets taken, the owner can track the bike location with the help of a tracker placed in by LeEco. The price and data plan of the superbike is yet to be revealed by AT&T and LeEco.

Danny Bowman, Chief Revenue Officer of LeEco, calls the smart cycle as a “unique, seamless experience,” of rising a cycle packed with numerous features.