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The latest report from the AT&T owned DirecTV is good news to millions of people across the America. The report says that the company is going to launch streaming DirecTV services. It means you do not need to have a DirecTV connection at home in order to watch programs in any of the DirecTV packages. The report adds that it would introduce three new video streaming options in the fourth quarter of the year.

Since its acquisition by AT&T, DirecTV has been drawing thousands of new customers. After the acquisition, the company made its tariffs and plans more customer-friendly. At the moment, DirecTV packages are cheaper than what its competitors charge for equivalent services.

The latest DirecTV packages are more feature rich. They offer triple play services at a decent price. As long as the new streaming services are concerned, they would work with any device that has internet connectivity, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For smartphone users, DirecTV has launched an app called DirecTV mobile. The app will stream your favorite programs, will let you get DirecTV previews and will also let you get DirecTV content without any additional charges.

In a recent interview, the CEO of the AT&T Entertainment Group, John Stankey said, “We’re extending a product set that will give the customer some choice and options on how they consume premium pay TV content.” DirecTV services are monitored by the AT&T’s Entertainment Group.

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Although the services have been officially announced, there is no clue as to how the pricing would be. Sources close to the AT&T Entertainment Group reveal that these services would be delivered at a less expensive price than the current bundles offered by the company at the moment. The new packages won’t be as complete as the existing DirecTV packages. You can’t expect certain features like access to stacked multiple seasons of shows, full-scale DVR capabilities and some of the premium features with these services. Nonetheless, they would be the best streaming service offered by a satellite service provider in the industry.

There is vagueness about the nature of the content packages. The company hasn’t disclosed any information whether these services would entail NFL Sunday Ticket or DirecTV’s Jewel programming asset. But it seems that millions of people are waiting eagerly to know more about these services. Let’s hope AT&T won’t disappoint them.