AT&T Contributes $150,000 For America’s Graduates (JAG) Program

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America’s Graduates Program

The telecom giant, AT&T recently declared that they would offer a contribution of $150,000 for America’s Graduates (JAG). This funding from the Telco is actually a part of their signature philanthropic initiative, which is popular known as AT&T Aspire.

This primary focus of this initiative is to support student success. AT&T also added that this contribution would support the JAG Louisiana program’s expansion to an additional number of 150 underserved high school students. A statement made by the Gov. John Bel Edwards last year confirmed that Louisiana would expand the number of Jobs for America’s Graduates programs for the current school year.

Gov. John Bel Edwards said, “I am so grateful to AT&T for joining me in my efforts to make JAG readily available to more Louisiana students this year. With their help, more students in our state will have the support and resources they need to stay in school and graduate. Their support serves as recognition of the undeniable success of JAG and a commitment to invest in Louisiana’s future by investing in our children’s futures.”

Reports indicate that the jobs for America’s Graduates-Louisiana (JAG-LA) program significantly expanded from 30 to 37 school districts in the last year. In addition to that, it currently serves about 4,600 high and middle school students. This includes a few out of school young students, who are trying to successfully complete a high school equivalency diploma.

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AT&T’s Philanthropic Initiative

JAG-LA is also planning to serve the serve students in Type 2 Charter Schools, which is actually an Office of Juvenile Justice alternative school. In addition to that, they are also planning to conduct a program for the students of a virtual charter school.

The President of AT&T Louisiana, Sonia Perez recently said, “AT&T is committed to building, strengthening and enhancing the lives of those who live and work in the communities we serve. With AT&T’s more than $1 billion investment in its wired and wireless networks in Louisiana, we depend upon organizations like JAG to help develop our future workforce.”

It is seen how AT&T uses the power and strength of their network to build a better future, and AT&T Aspire is such an initiative, determined to bring innovations in education with the use of technology. This initiate from AT&T will bring numerous benefits to students and allow them to succeed in education and beyond.