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AT&T® is up to some major revamps in their existing wireless plans. The Telco has announced the addition of free HBO® to its customers using unlimited plans. This is now extended to both the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice wireless plans offered by the company. Previously, AT&T® had limited this option of free HBO® only to the customers under the Unlimited Plus plan. Yet according to AT&T®, the option of free HBO® will now be available to new and existing customers of its Unlimited Choice plan as well from September 15 onward.

The pricing of both the unlimited plans will remain unaltered with the addition of free HBO®. Moreover, it reflects a new move by AT&T® in making it the best internet service in the country by attracting more customers that are using the services of other providers. The Unlimited Choice plan is currently offered at a rate of $60 per month for unlimited data, voice, and text. Besides that, AT&T® is also offering a monthly video credit worth $25 to the customers using the Unlimited Choice plan. This can be used alongside the streaming service offered by the Telco, DirecTV Now®.

For Unlimited Plus customers, this monthly video credit can also be used with both DirecTV® and U-Verse® TV. This addition of $25 video credit also enables the customers to add over the top streaming TV service for $10 per month. This will be helpful for customers, as the plans for DirecTV Now® starts at a rate of $35 per month.

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According to AT&T®, customers having an existing video service of the company will be provided with HBO® at no additional charges. They also stated that there is no need for payment on existing HBO® subscribers. Additionally, customers who are not subscribed to HBO® through a video service of AT&T® will be able to access HBO® using DirecTV Now® and with the HBO GO® applications.

AT&T® has made this free HBO® offer to its customers as a measure to step up the competition with other internet providers such as T-Mobile®. Recently, T-Mobile® announced that they would provide free Netflix® in their unlimited data family plans. It is clear that with these offers, both the companies are trying to attract the maximum number of customers into their unlimited plans.

Currently, AT&T® is in the process of acquiring Time Warner®, the parent company of HBO®. The deal is currently pending approval from the U.S. Department of Justice and the company expects to obtain the necessary clearances by the end of the year.