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New DirecTV Commercial

The new DirecTV commercial titled ‘Everywhere’ is an absolute delight to watch. The previous advertising campaigns of the network have been equally promising too, but this one truly stands above them all.

Director Tom Kuntz has put up such a grand venture onto television advertising, which has surely impressed us all with its elaborate production design and magnitude. What is more highlighting about this ad is its homage to all those film and television classics of the past.

The new DirecTV ad is certainly a tribute to the contributions made by timeless classics to the world of entertainment and art. The inclusion of many references, cameos, and musical cues in the advertisement has surely served its very purpose to attract the viewers.

AT&T Entertainment Group director of advertising, Dave Brown shared his excitement about the new commercial recently. Brown said, “Our hope is that viewers will really begin to look at AT&T from a whole new perspective. The past few years have been really exciting when you think about where we are going and what we are now bringing to our customers.”

“You can watch a blockbuster movie on your commute to work and we help make that possible. We want to bring a little bit of that wow we feel to our customers in a way that reflects this new reality,” he added.

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David Hasselhoff

There is also the presence of many big stars in the commercial like David Hasselhoff, who appears as a black knight, alongside the characters of John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, and Matt Vogel. In fact, their random appearances throughout the commercial have surprised the audience a bit.

BBDO New York executive creative director, Steven Fogel voiced his opinion about the decision to include the numerous references from such iconic film and television productions, and said, “We wanted to use shows and movies across the entertainment spectrum, from modern to classic, to really give the viewer the sense that everything is at your fingertips. At the same time, it was important that the music be very recognizable and iconic, and that each piece work well as a part of the music track.”

The DirecTV commercial truly catered to the demands of the growing influence of media and pop culture fandom in the society. This is the sole reason for its immense popularity among the audience. The dialogues, characters, scenes, and theme music are deeply ingrained into the mainstream culture of today, specifically the youth.