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Reports indicate that the telecom giant, AT&T is planning to discontinue their Voice DNA service for small businesses. However, one of the current AT&T subscriber, Concord, a California-based law firm Roscha & Odne LLP, shared their concern on AT&T’s new plan and stated that if the telecom company goes forward with this plan, then they will have to suffer without internet and phone service.

The law firm even requested the FCC to make sure that the telecom company will not discontinue its Voice DNA service until they have found a permanent replacement for their internet and phone service. Reports say that Concord has been using the Voice DNA service and AT&T internet since 2011. However, the recently issued letter from AT&T to the law firm indicates that the telecom giant is planning to shut down their Voice DNA service on February 15, 2017.

One of the partners of Concord, Nicholas Roscha informed the FCC that they have been trying to find a replacement service from other internet and phone service providers after they received AT&T’s letter regarding the shutdown of their Voice DNA service. It is also reported that a number of service providers did approach the law firm with plenty of proposals. However, the downfall is that it might take more than a month for the installation of the new service to complete, which means that the law firm will not be able to access internet and phone services for more than a few weeks, if AT&T went on to discontinue their services.

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In a letter to FCC, Roscha said that, “Those that provided proposals have indicated that it would take 3-45 days from signing a contract to be able to pull wiring, supply equipment and get us up and running,” adding that “all of this would be at our cost.” He also requested the FCC “to consider its comments and insure AT&T does not discontinue service until we have alternative services in place.”

Just like other service providers, AT&T also stated that the reason for discontinuing the Voice DNA service is that their vendors are no longer supporting the voice platform. However, as AT&T has been delivering best internet service to their customers for a very long time, experts believe that the discontinuation of their Voice DNA service might affect some of their customers badly.