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In a recent announcement, AT&T stated that they are planning to launch Gigabit internet speed to more businesses in Georgia. With the AT&T Business Fiber, companies would be able to upload and download files at a terrific internet speed of 1 Gbps.

AT&T is planning to launch AT&T Fiber service in many locations, including Warner Robins, Bainbridge, Valdosta, LaGrange, Rome, Pooler, Augusta, Hiram, Lawrenceville, Columbus, Gainesville, Duluth, Athens, Marietta, Brunswick, Savannah, Douglasville, Newnan, Macon, Dallas, Alpharetta, and Atlanta.

President of AT&T Georgia, Bill Leahy said, “For years, we have offered business customers gigabit connections. But through AT&T Business Fiber, we are speeding deployment of these high-speed connections to our business customers, offering fast and reliable network solutions to stay connected and competitive. Georgia is a great state for business, and we are investing heavily in our fiber-optics infrastructure, deploying increased speeds to both business and residential consumers across the state.”

A nationwide U-Verse Business over is also being launched by AT&T over the business fiber. This service will enable voice over IP phone service to the users. However, Cox Communications is another service provider in Georgia who have been offering incredible internet service to their subscribers over the years.

AT&T will face tough competition from Cox Communications in Georgia. Cox has been offering a residential internet speed of 1 Gbps to their Georgia subscribers, and their Gigabit internet service is already available in numerous locations. Moreover, Cox Communications is also planning to expand their internet service to more locations.

AT&T is looking to deepen their fiber deployments all over the country and the expansion in Georgia is a part of this scheme. AT&T has earlier announced in May about their fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) services expansion for business and commercial markets in the West, Midwest, and South.

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AT&T said, “We’ll continue to expand our 100 percent fiber AT&T GigaPower network to additional locations. We’re planning to triple availability by the end of 2016.” AT&T has been aggressively expanding their fiber services to both businesses and consumers over the past few years.

The internet speed of 1 Gbps offered by AT&T Fiber will allow the subscribers to download approximately 8,000 word processing documents in a second. Subscribers can also download a high definition video of 2 hour duration in just 36 seconds.