AT&T Plans To Revamp Their Downtown Dallas Headquarters

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AT&T Headquarters

Dallas-based AT&T headquarters recently revealed that they are planning to spend approximately $100 million to revamp their downtown Dallas center of operation by the end of this year. The telecom giant also noted that they would be adding additional 500 workers to their 5,800 employees in the south side of their downtown office.

The regional vice president of AT&T, Michael Peterson said that, “This is in addition to the $100 million we have already invested in this campus. We have more than doubled our employees since we moved here in 2008. We are hoping to recharge a lot of this campus and turn it into a real destination.”

AT&T recently unveiled their initial downtown design plans and the biggest notable changes are on the way at the street level. This is where the telecom giant is planning to expand the landscaped plaza areas. Reports also indicate that AT&T will also add shops and other eaters for customers.

Peterson added, “Our vision is to help transform this campus into a destination place for tourists and downtown residents as well as our employees. We are calling this the AT&T Discovery District.” Reports say that the telecom company is also looking to the close three blocks of Akard and Jackson streets to vehicles, and that is a part of their new pedestrian plan.

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Downtown Design Plans

The downtown campus of AT&T takes up four blocks and it has a few parking buildings and six offices. Peterson also added that the executives from the company would meet with the transportation committee of the city in a few days to discuss about the proposed street closures.

“We have been in discussions with the city and DART and Downtown Dallas Inc. and our neighbors all around us to make sure this vision works for all of us. It will necessitate some changes in the streets in order to enhance the traffic flow and make this district more pedestrian friendly,” Peterson added.

The President of the economic development group Downtown Dallas, Kourtny Garrett hinted that there is support for the telecom giants plans. “The degree of investment and what they are doing in this neighborhood will serve as a catalyst in the southern area of downtown,” she said. “It’s the vision they are bringing with that investment and turning the campus inside out.”