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DirecTV Now Pricing

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was clear about a few things during his announcement regarding DirecTV Now last month. He promised that the online streaming service would offer more than a hundred channels that includes “all the premium” channels customers wish for. He also added that this service would be available to subscribers for just $35 a month.

This announcement from the telecom company was highly greeted by subscribers and analysts, as this offering was the best package offered by a streaming service provider. However, AT&T revealed the entire pricing details of DirecTV Now a few days ago, and it might be a little less appealing for some than what they expected earlier.

Reports say that the offering of more than a hundred channels at just $35 a month will be available only to those subscribers, who sign up within a few days of the launch of the streaming service. As per the new pricing details, new subscribers who pay $35 will receive 60 popular channels. In addition to that, three more standard packages are available to DirecTV Now subscribers, which they can subscribe to: 120 channels for $70, 100 channels for $60, and 80 channels for $50 a month.

Nevertheless, subscribers will have to pay an additional amount of $5 per month, if they want to access the premium channels Cinemax and HBO. AT&T has also confirmed that their latest venture will be available only in the United States at the time of its launch. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that DirecTV Now will be available to subscribers by November 30.

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60 Channels At $35

Stephenson had earlier claimed that subscribers would be able to access “all in” on premium channels at just $35 a month. He also added that the Time Warner owned channels such as HBO would also be available to the subscribers through DirecTV Now.

“[DirecTV Now] is for the first time, 100-plus premium channels, all right, this isn’t the junk nobody wants,” Stephenson said during the announcement. “This is 100-plus premium channels, purely over the top, a mobile-centric platform for $35 a month. It has all of [Time Warner’s] content, it has all the premium content you know and love and like to watch, $35 a month, and that includes your mobile streaming costs, streaming it over the mobile Internet. So, $35, pretty much all in.”

However, the recent announcement by AT&T says, “Customers who sign up for this offer will continue to enjoy this special price for as long as you keep the package, subject only to future reasonable programming price increases applicable to all packages.”