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AT&T® Asset Management – Operations Center

AT&T® has introduced its latest IoT management platform called the AT&T® Asset Management – Operations Center. It will aid in the rapid deployment of asset monitoring and well as running management solutions in the cloud. AT&T® has build up this new IoT platform coordination with Microsoft®. The platform will run using the Azure cloud platform of Microsoft® and will utilize many of the components of Microsoft® Enterprise such as Azure Cosmos DB and Microsoft® Power BI.

By using this, the Telco giant strives to achieve simplicity in tracking, monitoring, and management of its various IoT assets for businesses. By creating this new platform, AT&T® intends to develop a secure, flexible, and on-demand networking platform that can assist with the need of various businesses. They key features of the AT&T® Asset Management – Operations Center is that it is a single IoT application that provides support to multiple devices, networks, communication protocols, and cloud systems.

Included in the platform is a built-in dashboard allowing customers to alter the data visualization to utilize the APIs for combining it with remaining enterprise systems. Another notable aspect is that it supports a plug and play method for configuring devices and its sensors on the device. It also allows in categorizing the various assets based entirely on the location and type. AT&T® designed the Operations Center IoT platform solely for future enterprising applications.

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AT&T® – Microsoft® Partnership

Chris Penrose, President of IoT Solutions at AT&T® said, “AT&T® is committed to giving our enterprise customers the tools, platforms and the connectivity they need to more securely manage their IoT assets wherever they’re deployed. AT&T® and Microsoft® have a long-standing relationship, and we’re pleased to once again team with them through the new AT&T® Asset Management—Operations Center to deliver a flexible solution to help address our customers’ current and future IoT needs.”

AT&T® is planning to collaborate initially with Microsoft® for making the Operations Center platform available on the market. It will also use many of the services such as AT&T® IoT Platforms Services and the Azure cloud platform of Microsoft®. AT&T® intends to deploy the platform initially using its AT&T® Global SIM and LTE-M networks. AT&T® Asset Management –Operation Center represents the first in a succession of cloud solutions developed on its IoT platform. Customers will be made available with a beta version of this version later this year.

Michael Angiulo, Corporate Vice President, ISV and SI, Microsoft Corporation® said, “We’re excited to collaborate with AT&T® to give our joint enterprise customers more control of their deployed IoT assets by utilizing Azure cloud services. Together, our combined technologies can help customers quickly deploy innovative solutions that can improve their day-to-day operations.”