AT&T Stadium Drones Receives Mixed Responses From Customers


AT&T Stadium Drones

The recent use of stadium drones by AT&T has not gathered the momentum from its customer base, as officials expected. The press release by the company with its accompanying video has a meager 723 views. With a subscriber base of around 143,000 customers, it seems as if the new move by AT&T never earned the popularity they wanted. This scanty customer support for the program even ensured that the use of drones remains doubtful to a majority of the users.

The usage of drones is one of the latest measures undertaken by AT&T for the betterment of its networks. Drones are employed at the AT&T stadium to help in testing and improving the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks. With this, the audience can now share all their personal game watching moments seamlessly with anyone.

The improved technology will help in sharing all those moments instantaneously. The company has named it the “Echo Drone” that will aid in taking all the appropriate measurements related to the performance of AT&T’s network.

One of the key advantages of using these drones is the efficiency it offers in evaluating network performance in the stadium. It can perform all the tasks in a quick amount of time. Conducting inspections is now much safer with the use of drones.

Another major feature of using this drone is the accessibility. It can access all parts of the stadium that previously were impossible by humans. This will help in eliminating the need of human labor for such tasks, which will reduce the overall amount of risks involved.

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Better Wireless Connectivity

Normally, the testing process can last for up to 5 days, as the engineers and other crew involved have to cover almost the entire stadium taking measurements and testing the network. However, with the use of drones, the duration of this testing process has been shortened to one day. This saves valuable time and further proves the efficiency of using drones for testing the network performance.

Reports say that AT&T is using all the latest technology to provide strong wireless connectivity at the stadium. For this, three key tools are utilized which includes a combination of Drones, EchoBOT technology, and Distributed Antenna System. Together, they provide one of the best wireless services to the football audiences across the country.

However, AT&T could have done this a whole lot before, as drone technology has grown vastly in the past couple of years. Their late inclusion into the use of this technology might be one of the main reasons for their failure in striking a chord among their customers.