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AT&T® takes the New Year resolution to make the communities and cities safer, smarter, and more efficient by developing and delivering the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Reports  say that the company is now trying out a new structure monitoring solution to improve the safety of the railways and roadways.

AT&T® recently launched a digital infrastructure solution, and the new project will team up with this and other client smart cities including the US spotlight cities. According to AT&T® officials, the US infrastructure project is maturing and in disrepair. Almost half of the bridges in the US are built before 50 years. They also said that to analyze the state of the railways and roads, the organizations generally count on the visual inspections only, which often fail to inspect many rural and remote roadways and railways, as they are not easily reachable.

The company representatives also added that most of the alternatives used for monitoring the remote areas is not suitable for a long-term use because of its bulkiness and age-old technology solutions. AT&T® is determined to deliver the solutions for this so that the team can monitor the environmental and structural factors of remote areas also, once they launch it.

According to Mike Zeto, the General Manager of AT&T® Smart Cities, “Safety is a top concern of citizens and cities alike. This concern extends beyond the realm of crime and natural disasters. It also includes the safety of our infrastructure.” He further added that, “We’re pleased to test this solution, which will allow for smart infrastructure analysis and monitoring”

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With the latest structure monitoring solutions of AT&T® Smart Cities, the selected infrastructure will get an AT&T® LTE- enabled sensors that will help to monitor the remote structural factors. The sensors mainly measure the tilts and cracks, and alert triggers; email alerts are also employed in the sensor to notify and capture the significant events.

The AT&T® structural monitoring solutions have a lower operational cost because of its lesser manual inspections and it would help to improve the planning and safety measures. Furthermore, the organizations can monitor the remote structures using the internet and a web-enabled device with these structural monitoring solutions.

This product will join their growing smart city solutions that include AT&T® smart irrigation, AT&T® Smart Cities Digital Infrastructure, AT&T® Smart Cities Grid Solutions – Prepay Energy, AT&T® Smart Cities Operation Center, and AT&T® Smart Grid – Solar Solution.