DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Price Lock

AT&T has just figured out a way to make DirecTV packages more appealing to customers who choose to bundle services with another from the same provider. What is new in their offering for these subs is the surprise-free bill option when signing up. The company announced this week that every subscription for two years, which could combine a new or existing service like wireless or internet, would make the customer eligible for a price lock.

The new plan will have customers pay $50 a month for the TV package, while those that choose a bundled package will be able to get internet up to 6 Mbps speed for just $30 a month, besides what they initially pay.

The plans roll out by the end of the week, each locking the pricing for two years. There is also monthly equipment fees covered inside the plan if you are bringing home internet into it. That means four receivers and a Wi-Fi gateway for free. AT&T has also mentioned that it would give unlimited home Internet if you are willing to pay for both services on the same bill, which is a significant step up from the 250 GB per month cap that comes with most home Internet plans.

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Bundling Services

The move is clearly a bid by the second-largest wireless carrier in the country, to get people to opt for its TV service. The $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV last year has allowed the company to bundle wireless, home broadband, video and home phone services together. The timing is perfect for enticing customers who have been considering a move towards skinny bundles on streaming services. But there is plenty of competition from rivals like Verizon, which ties in with Fios, a popular internet option. Comcast too is offering their internet in bundled packages.

AT&T brought back the unlimited wireless data in January, as a means to get subscribers on board for DirecTV or U-Verse TV service. The new plans will not stand in the way of that, the company said. Also, the price of the home voice service will be going down to $10 per month for the first two years, as long as you’re bundling services. This way, customers can save over 40 percent when getting three services, in what is popularly called a triple play.

CMO David Christopher said, “We listen to our customers. They want easy-to-understand pricing and guaranteed savings, and we’re delivering.”