Directv Now is a television subscription service, also called DTV Now. The service is owned by AT&T. Directv Now allows its subscribers in US to stream television programs through cable network. There is no long-term contract or commitment needed for Directv Now packages.

The major channels included in directv Now are A&E, Disney, Discovery, Viacom, Warner Media, and many more. You also have the facility to additional channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz with extra fee added to the package.

Advantages of Directv Now Packages

The channels included in directv packages and directv now packages are family-oriented channels. These channels are focused towards entertaining all the members in the family belonging to different age groups. If you decide spending time with your family members at home, then, watching directv and directv now channels would help you out.

There are options to add certain channels required to the directv now package. This helps your family members to add the channels of their choice to the package, which makes them delighted.

There are channels available to the choice of your kids too in the Directv Now package, which makes your children also get satisfied with the package you have opted for.

Moreover, the Directv Now provides a good customer service, which is always helpful for the customers to get the right information about Directv Now all the time.

Directv Now versus Directv Packages

Both Directv Now and directv packages are owned by AT&T. But directv is a satellite based service and directv Now is video streaming service launched from an internet server. So it is accessible from a mobile, browser, media streamer or a television.

This makes it advantageous for the directv Now customers to access it from any of the above methods.

When you opt for Directv packages, you need to check with its availability in your area, as it is a satellite based service. You might probably require a satellite dish for it. But, Directv Now packages are available throughout US. So, you can probably get the service wherever you get transferred.

Changes Introduced on Directv Now

Directv Now has taken steps recently to review the existing channels and bring about new plan for the benefit of its customers.

Directv Now has introduced its discounted channels to its customers which are focused at providing a great entertainment to the AT&T customers.

Popular Directv Now Plans

Directv Now is now becoming popular among US customers, especially, among the AT&T customers. Let us take a quick look at the four popular directv Now packages.

Plan Channels Offered Pricing
Live a Little More than 60 Channels $35 per month
Just Right More than 80 Channels $50 per month
Go Big More than 100 Channels $60 per month
Gotta Have it More than 120 Channels $70 per month

Trial Period for Directv Now

Generally, when you are choosing any directv packages, you might be a bit worried about how it would be suitable to you. If you have to change a package, you might have to wait for a certain period in the existing package in order to go in for a change.

But, it might not be with Directv Now. With Directv Now, you have a 7-day free trial period. During the trial period, you can watch the Directv Now channels for free and then decide. As there is no contractual period, it becomes more advantageous for the customers to take a decision. Moreover, once you sign up for the package, you have the option to stream up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Cost for Adding Premium Channels to your Directv Packages

If you wish to add your favorite channels, it is now possible with Directv Now packages. You can add certain premium channels by paying a small extra fee every month. Let us take a glimpse on how much you need to pay extra to add premium channels to your DirecTV Now packages.

Premium Channel Extra fee per month
HBO $5
Cinemax $5
Showtime $8
Starz $8

Discounts Offered on Directv Now for AT&T Customers

Since Directv Now is owned by AT&T network, its existing customers are given the maximum benefit. If you are one among those using a mobile phone operating in AT&T phone plans, you can stream Directv Now through a mobile app.

If you are an AT&T customer, you also have the advantage of choosing bundle offers which include phone plans as well as streaming video contents of Directv Now packages. The bundle offers are preferred by the customers for saving money.

Triple play is an online shop which provides bundle package facilities. You can bundle satellite TV services, internet, and home phone services as a bundle. This helps you save money. If you opt for AT&T wireless service bundle package and choose directv Now or directv packages, you can automatically view the TV channels of your choice as well.

With Triple play, you also have the convenience of handling a single bill for all the three services that you avail. This helps you handling your bills with ease.

There is a special offer to AT&T customers who avail AT&T unlimited plus Enhanced plan. When people opt for such package, the customers can get a discount of $15 on directv packages or directv now packages. This will help the customers save at least $20 to $55 from the current package cost.

AT&T always focuses on expansion. So it also provides promotional offers to its new customers. When the new customers subscribe for Directv Now, AT&T offers discounts and deals to encourage them as part of good will.

Free Access to HBO Channel

You would be surprised to know that if you are an AT&T wireless customer and using unlimited plan, you would be lucky to access free HBO channel. You need not have to subscribe for the AT&T video streaming service. You would be able to access the HBO channel content through Directv Now. It is made possible through HBO Go apps as well.

What’s new with New Directv Now Package?

AT&T has come up with a new Directv Now package. This new plan is called AT&T Watch. The new Directv Now package also includes almost all the channels included in Live a Little package. This package has certain advantages.

The sports channels are not a part of this new bundle. Thus, it is available to AT&T customers at such a low price. People who prefer watching the channels other than sports need not have to pay heavy amounts for their package.

At the same time, people with sports interests can opt for packages which include sports channel.

One of the other major advantages is that the AT&T customers who have opted for unlimited phone plan, AT&T Watch will be available for free.

DVR Feature

The recording feature is also supported by Directv now. This feature makes it more interesting and preferred by many customers. The new DVR feature allows recorded shows and movies across devices like iphones and ipads.

These facilities are available at no additional cost. Thus directv now becomes much more interesting to explore.


On the whole, Directv Now requires only a computer, mobile or a streaming playing device, which helps you to access directv Now.

Since Directv Now doesn’t require any specialized devices, it becomes more feasible to opt for directv Now. Thus, you can always enjoy watching the channels available in your directv now package with ease.

Also, there is no contract, which makes much more flexible. Sometimes, you might feel that you get only lesser number of channels compared to the traditional TV packages like directv packages. In that case, you can switch over to your traditional TV services if required. So, it is good to opt for directv Now packages and try it if it suits you.