Verizon is one of the fastest internet providers in the US. It has millions of customers and still continuously trying to expand its network. Verizon has both DSL and Fiber optic services, out of which Verizon Fios is its 100% reliable fiber optic services.

Generally, the fiber optic network is capable of providing high internet speeds at affordable rates. Similar is the case of Verizon home internet plans, which also provide high-speed internet at reasonable rates. Let us discuss more about the Verizon home internet plans here.

Verizon Internet Plans and Pricing

Verizon Internet PlansFios 100/100 Fios 300/300Fios Gigabit Plan
Upload Speed100 Mbps300 Mbps940 Mbps
Download Speed100 Mbps300 Mbps880 Mbps

Verizon internet plans fall into a wide category and they are pocket-friendly too. Moreover, Verizon Fios offers reliable fiber optic service, which has many advantages.

Speed is one of the major factors for which many internet users prefer Verizon internet plans. This is the major benefit offered by its fiber optic network. With the high speed plans, you will find it interesting to browse and stream videos without any interruption.

Verizon internet also offers broader speed ranges, which can be chosen as per the budget requirements of the customers. With 100 Mbps speeds, a budget customer would be able to get one of the reliable Verizon home internet plans at affordable price.

Heavy users can go for 300 Mbps fiber optic plan of Verizon. But, the budget might be slightly higher. But, still, it can afford to higher browsing and other online activities, including support for multi-users.

Gigabit Verizon internet plans are a bit expensive, but, they are highly suitable for heavy users. If you are planning to do work at home or remote or use your internet service for video conferencing activities, you can opt for a gigabit internet plan offered by Verizon.

With Verizon’s fiber optic network, you are likely to have cloud access, good signal strength, excellent bandwidth, and many more. These factors make Verizon home internet plans and pricing highly preferable.

Contracts for Verizon home internet plans

You need not have to sign for any contract when you opt for Verizon’s internet plans. So, it would be highly beneficial for you if you are likely to get transferred or move to a new location with Verizon coverage.

You can easily move without paying any termination fee if you are relocating to some other location and easily opt for Verizon home internet plans without any contract, subject to its availability in the new location.

Data and Speed Combination of Verizon Internet Plans

Verizon’s speed is the base for its stabilized market. Its gigabit speed, which provides 940 Mbps internet speed is one of the preferred plans compared to others. It is mainly because of its affordability.

At the same time, if you consider Xfinity internet, it offers still higher speeds. It gives a speed of 2000 Mbps. But, when you consider the amount to be paid for it, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars, which would not be worthy.

Instead, with just 940 Mbps, one of the most preferred Verizon internet plans, you can easily do all your online activities without any disturbance. The rates associated with it are also quite affordable.

Verizon home internet plans provide the speed on par with the advertised speeds. Sometimes its speed would be higher compared to the advertised speed.

Verizon’s home internet plans have no data caps, which is also considered as one of the advantageous factors, which makes Verizon internet a successful one. The speed and data combination of Verizon really works out.

How is Verizon’s Customer Support Helpful?

When you are likely to choose an internet plan for your home use, you might be worried about how to choose the plan that would be suitable for you, what are the internet plans’ pricing, and what to do when you come across with any doubts or queries related to internet plans.

Verizon provides excellent customer support with experts to guide the customers of Verizon home internet plans. The expert guidance offered by Verizon is ranked #1 according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, compared to the other prominent providers like AT&T, Spectrum, and Comcast Xfinity.

Significant Features That Attract the Users of Verizon Internet Plans

Verizon stands apart from other providers, which makes it unique. Let’s discuss a few advantageous points about Verizon and its customer support.

  Price   Around $40/month to $80/month
  Internet Speed Range   100 Mbps to 940 Mbps
  Data Caps   No data caps
  Coverage   Available in 9 states, but, it is continuously expanding
  Contract Period   No contract required. But may have 2 years contract also.

When you consider the price, speed range, data caps, and contract period, Verizon home internet plans seem to be highly attractive. But, the only area where it is lacking is the coverage. Though it is available now only in 9 states, it is trying to expand its coverage throughout the US.

Wherever its internet services are available, it offers a reliable internet, which is of no doubt. So, it is preferred by the users in its coverage area and when it is likely to be expanded in other areas, it would be preferred there as well.

Verizon Internet Plans – Which One to Choose?

Many of you might be wondering which of the Verizon internet plans would be suitable for you. It is possible to choose the required plan by yourself.

It always depends on the speed and budget that is required by you. You can easily assess it through your usage. When you have light usage, you can go for 100 Mbps speed. If you want to go ahead with good browsing and streaming, you can opt for 300 Mbps.

If you prefer doing video conferencing, work at home or remote activities, and heavy browsing or streaming activities with multiple users, you can always go for gigabit Verizon internet plans available at affordable pricing.


With reliability, a wide range of plans, high speed fiber-optic network, no data caps, no contract, and affordable pricing, you can always look forward for best Verizon internet plans for your home.

The only factor you need to keep into account is the availability of Verizon Fios internet in your area. Once you are sure that Verizon is available in your area, you can always go for Verizon home internet plans suitable to you.