Blaze TV

Top TV Services

Broadband and internet subscribers around the country are also probably paying for some sort of online TV service, according to Parks Associates. The market research & consulting firm just let out a report where it ranks the nation’s top internet streaming video services, and Sling TV lands at No. 10 on the list. At No. 9, Blaze TV is somewhat more popular.

Blaze TV, the online channel of conservative radio and TV host Glenn Beck, came out 9th in the report. Director of research, Brett Sappington said this isn’t much of surprise concerning the channel, which was launched in 2011. It was the same year that Beck left Fox News, dragging a sizeable fan following behind him. And it has had all the time it needed to build on the following. Right now, it draws a niche audience, making it easier to “focus their video service offering and promotion on their target market.” The channel charges $9.95 monthly.

Dish Subscribers

Dish In The Top 10

It has not been revealed publicly how many subscribers Blaze has. Taking the same approach, Dish keeps its Sling TV subscriber count under wraps. But analysts like Craig Moffett at Moffett Nathanson, say the earnings indicate 394,000 Dish subscribers as of September 2015. And it so happens that the Dish TV was the first service to add The Blaze TV as part of their broadcast package.

Niche users are often seen to prefer OTT options, and this is evident from the fact that size of the top services on the Parks Associates report is either single-cannel or specific topic. Three of them are sports channels, then there is HBO Now and Crunchyroll; Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu make up the remainder.

Sling is a mix of mainstream cable channels, such as HGTV, Disney, and CNN. Top 10 is no small deal since it is one of the newest OTT services. With the demand for streaming continuing to grow, 59 percent of U.S. homes that avail broadband internet also pay for at least one OTT service, Parks says. This year, the numbers are up 3.9 million compared to the last quarter of 2015.