Cable TV Alternatives

DirecTV® Channels

Cable TV is the oldest known way of delivering entertainment channels to the people. It is best known for the flexibility of selecting your preferred channels to watch, instead of paying for a package with unwanted channels. However, the traditional way of watching TV is suffering huge competition from other cable TV alternatives for a long time and is slowly losing to them. Cable TV has become more costly compared to other options, when taken into consideration the features and clarity they offer. Here are some prime cable TV alternatives you can choose from, if you were planning a move.

Satellite TV

Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish® Packages

This is the leading provider of entertainment channels and services. Some notable names in this segment are Dish and DirecTV®. When comparing Dish vs DirecTV®, you can see that both offer some unwanted channels as part of their packages, but the customer services and quality of the signal make them a better choice.

CBS All Access

Starting at around $10 a month, this is one of the best cable TV alternatives you can opt for. It allows streaming access to network and on demand access to your favorite shows. It also gives access to around 7500 shows, without any interruptions.