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20 Sep

AT&T® to Follow the Market for 5G Rollout

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5G Mobile Service

Recently, the best internet provider AT&T® announced that it plans to roll out the 5G service in a dozen cities by 2018 and named seven cities the company plans to connect to the 5G network early 2019. The Dallas-based carrier is rolling out the required equipment to support the fresh wireless standard across the US. However, the fastest internet provider plans to allow the market to guide where and when it turns on 5G, said AT&T® Labs President cum Chief Technology Officer, Andre Fuetsch.

“Over time we’ll just have see how much [5G] device penetration happens over time,” Fuetsch said. “That will determine, really, the pace of how 5G gets built.” He also added that it is compliant with the wireless standards body 3GPP’s specification. That means phones on the 5G network of the company will be able to switch over to 4G radios seamlessly when required, and the Telco will not have to upgrade equipment or subscribers’ phones to make them compatible with the wireless standard.

With the correct radios, 5G promises superfast speeds. Unlike with those previous technologies, the throughput subscribers will receive with 5G could either match or better those of residential internet connections. In some cases, subs could see 1 Gbps speeds or more, which is around what fiber optic internet broadband services like Verizon Fios® offer.

The CTO of AT&T® Labs is helping guide the 5G effort of the fastest internet provider. However, the actual 5G speeds customers get could differ from one place to the other. That is because to deliver the quickest service, telecommunication companies will have to use radio towers that can transmit data at mmWave frequency bands in the rage of 24 GHz and more.

Signals sent in the said bands do not go through walls or do not tend to travel extremely far. Therefore, to cover the exact area that low-frequency bands were able to, they will have to use more radio towers. This will make deployment pricier.

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High Speed Internet

Carriers can make use of lower-frequency bands in order to deliver the 5G service, but only at a moderately quicker speed than what 4G can deliver, said Fuetsch. He also said that top speeds might reach about 1 Gbps, but average speeds will probably be in the hundreds Mbps. Besides quicker speeds, 5G promises lower latency.

“If you’re in one of our millimeter-wave zones … you can expect gigabit-plus speeds. Not just peak speeds but average speeds,” AT&T® Labs CTO said. “In other areas, you certainly will get some speed advantages, you will also get reduced latency, but you won’t get as much speed as you would with a millimeter wave connection.”

30 Nov

AT&T® Expands Fixed Wireless Internet Services in Parts of Georgia

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Fixed Wireless Internet

AT&T® launched the Fixed Wireless Internet in May this year being part of their FCC Connect America Fund commitment. AT&T® offers Fixed Wireless Internet to both residents and businesses residing in “rural and underserved” locations in the US. The cheap internet facility is now being expanded by AT&T® to rural as well as underserved areas in over 40 counties in the state of Georgia. In fact, the areas in Georgia, which can now access Fixed Wireless Internet from AT&T® includes Appling, Burke, Chattahoochee, Dodge, Evans, Jefferson, Lowndes, etc.

“In today’s economy, access to high-speed internet is an integral part of both our infrastructure foundation and our job growth,” said Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia. “Ensuring our current and future workforce are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed has been a top priority of mine since taking office. To that end, I’ve invested more than $100 million towards ensuring students across the state have access to high speed internet.”

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Closing Connectivity Gap

“These efforts are further enhanced through strong private sector partnerships, and I’m grateful for this latest AT&T® initiative,” added the state Governor. “AT&T’s innovation and investment will help keep Georgia at the forefront of the technology sector, a critical component for us to continue to be the best state in the nation in which to do business.”

With the Fixed Wireless Internet connection, the subscribers of AT&T® can download and stream the videos, and browse the web in up to 10 Mbps speed. The internet connection without satellite is routed from a cellular tower to the antennae affixed to the subscribers’ homes or business premises. AT&T® also plans to expand Fixed Wireless Internet in more than 400,000 areas nationwide by the end of 2017, and more than 1.1 million areas by 2020. In Georgia alone, the Telco plans to cover more than 26,000 areas by year-end and more than 67,000 areas by 2020 across the state.

“The more than 19,000 men and women who work for AT&T® and call Georgia home, are proud to work with our local, state and federal leadership to provide the connectivity Georgia’s residents and businesses demand,” said Bill Leahy, AT&T® President of Georgia and Southeast Region. “Through this innovative service, we are helping close the connectivity gap in Georgia.”

20 Nov

AT&T® Expands Their Fixed Wireless Internet Service to More Parts of Alabama

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Fixed Wireless Internet Service

With AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet, the respective subscribers of the Telco can browse as well as stream videos in the best internet speeds. As part of their FCC Connect America Fund Commitment AT&T® launched their Fixed Wireless Internet service earlier this year, which deploys internet with up to 10 Mbps speed to both underserved residents and businesses.

The service from AT&T® is routed from a cellular tower to an antenna affixed to the subscribers’ residents or business locations. AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet is going places and has been expanding nationwide. Now, the service has been upgraded by the Telco in more regions of Alabama, including Autauga, Blount, Coosa, Greene, and Lauderdale.

“In today’s economy, access to high-speed internet is an integral part of our infrastructure foundation,” said Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama. “I am excited to see AT&T’s continued investment and innovation bringing enhanced connectivity to rural communities across Alabama. Every day we are letting the world know Alabama is open for business.”

Phillis Belcher, Executive Director of Greene County Industrial Development Authority said, “I am thankful for the leadership of our elected officials who work to ensure a pro-consumer business environment and am delighted many rural residents in parts of over 25 Alabama counties already have access to this innovative technology.”

Best Internet Provider

FCC Connect America Fund

Wayne Hutchens, Alabama Assistant VP of Legislative and External Affairs at AT&T® said, “The more than 5,200 men and women who work for AT&T® and call Alabama home are proud to work with our local, state and federal leadership to provide the connectivity Alabama’s residents and businesses demand. Through this innovative service, we are helping close the connectivity gap in Alabama.”

AT&T® officials said that they would keep making the region-specific announcements in Alabama in the coming months and would give notifications regarding more availability of Fixed Wireless Internet just as the network expands in the state. Apart from Alabama, AT&T® has launched the best internet service in California, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, and many other states in the US.

As part of the wider expansion nationwide, AT&T® plans to reach more than 400,000 regions by the year-end and more than 1.1 million regions by the year 2020. Considering Alabama alone, the Telco plans to reach more than 26,000 regions by the year-end and about 66,000 regions by the year 2020.

26 Oct

AT&T® Rolls out Fixed Wireless Internet in Select Areas across Mississippi

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Fixed Wireless Internet

In July 2017, AT&T® unveiled the initial rollout of Fixed Wireless internet in parts of 15 Mississippi counties. AT&T® Fixed Wireless internet is presently available in more rural and underserved locations in select areas of 46 counties across the state. With this rollout, AT&T® has extended Fixed Wireless internet as part of their FCC Connect America Fund commitment to help rural and underserved homes and businesses in FCC-identified areas in the US.

As part of the larger commitment, AT&T® plans to rollout Fixed Wireless internet in over 400,000 locations nationwide by 2017 and over 1.1 million locations nationwide by 2020. In Mississippi alone, the Telco plans to deploy the best internet service in about 133000 locations by the year 2020.

AT&T® has also assured they will continue making community-specific announcements in Mississippi over the coming weeks and months. Among the counties, which feature in the service areas of AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet include Adams, Amite, Attala, Benton, Benton, Choctaw, Clarke, and other specified regions in Mississippi. The business and residents in the counties of the state will get accesses to Fixed Wireless internet in parts with download speeds of 10 Mbps at the least.

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Deliver High-Quality Internet

“Fixed Wireless Internet service is innovative technology that is helping close the connectivity gap in many rural areas across our state,” said Mayo Flynt the state president of AT&T® in Mississippi State. “With more than 2,800 men and women working for AT&T® who call Mississippi home, we are committed to meeting the demands for more broadband connectivity for residents and businesses in rural areas. That’s why we’re pleased to announce this service expansion to parts of 46 counties in Mississippi.”

Now subscribers of the Telco in the said areas can browse, download, and stream movies or television shows of their liking from the internet. The Fixed Wireless internet connection comes from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna on the subscribers’ homes or business premises. “This is an efficient way to deliver high-quality internet to customers in rural and underserved areas,” said the AT&T® press release that announced the rollout.

The best internet service includes a 160 GB data allowance a month with additional data at $10 per 50 GB up to a max of $200 a month. The rural internet without satellite requires the installation of the AT&T® outdoor antenna and indoor residential gateway. In addition to Mississippi, AT&T® has also launched the Fixed Wireless internet service in 17 states recently including Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, and Michigan.

19 Oct

AT&T® Provides High Speed Internet in Gladwin, Osceola, Arenac, and Clare

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Fixed Wireless Internet Service

AT&T® has expanded their Fixed Wireless internet service to parts of Gladwin, Osceola, Clare, and Arenac Counties for small businesses and rural homes that have limited to no internet access. AT&T® and the State Representative Jason Wentworth recently announced that the residents in Gladwin, Clare, Osceola, and Arenac Counties are included in the locations in Michigan, to which the internet provider has extended their Fixed Wireless Internet service as part of their FCC Connect America Fund program.

“In today’s information-driven, global economy, it’s critical that homes and businesses in rural areas are afforded the same access to the benefits and opportunities empowered by high-speed Internet,” said State Rep. Wentworth. “AT&T’s decision to upgrade the communication infrastructure serving our businesses and residents will undoubtedly have a long-lasting, positive effect on our community.”

AT&T® is planning to reach more than 86,000 locations with their technology across Michigan by the year 2020. They are planning to reach 400,000 locations across 18 states by the end of the year and 1.1 million plus locations across the nation by 2020. “AT&T® is committed to closing the connectivity gap here in Michigan, and this new innovative service is going to help a great deal in getting us there,” said Jim Murray, President of AT&T® Michigan. “It’s always exciting when we can provide the connectivity that residents and businesses demand, and we think it will be a real game changer for these rural communities.”

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Connect America Fund Program

The Fixed Wireless Internet service from AT&T® offers home internet service that provides download speeds of at least 10 Mbps and upload speeds of 1 Mbps. This connection is provided from a wireless tower of the service provider to an antenna that is fixed at the home or business of the customer. Fixed Wireservice from AT&T®less Internet is a much efficient way to offer high quality internet service to users in rural areas with limited to no internet access.

“For Michigan’s rural families, communities and businesses, the introduction of this service from AT&T® marks the beginning of an enhanced quality of life and new economic opportunity,” said Jim Byrum, President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association. “Bringing internet access to rural areas is a meaningful investment that will be a spark for rural businesses, improve local economies and open up new opportunities for residents throughout rural Michigan.” AT&T® will offer updates on the availability of the service in parts of Michigan and other states of the country.

26 May

AT&T® Expands Their Internet 1000 Service To Wilmington, North Carolina

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AT&T Internet 1000 Service

AT&T® Internet 1000 is the fiber-delivered gigabit service offered by the Telco giant, and they are now expanding the reach of this service to Wilmington, North Carolina. With that, the number of metro areas in which the service is available has reached fifty-three. It is reported that AT&T® is planning to have their fiber gigabit services in at least seventy-five metros by the end of this year.

Apart from the small businesses and select homes, the launch of AT&T® Internet 1000 offers connection to condos and multi tenant apartments like the Village and the Woodridge Pointe at Mayfair. It is expected that the reach of the network will be expanded to Leland soon.

The gigabit internet service of AT&T® is spread across 4.6 million locations across the country. The company management expects the numbers to rise to 12.5 million by the middle of 2019. The gigabit internet service of AT&T®, called AT&T® Internet 1000, starts at seventy dollars per month, and this charge is applicable for the subscribers as well who bundle the service with other services from of AT&T® and get a single consolidated bill for all the services. Otherwise, the cost starts at 80 dollars per month to have the AT&T® Internet 1000 service as standalone. There are no additional charges and you can have the equipment if you opt for a 12 months service contract.

“High-speed internet has quickly become a preferred way to access information and communicate,” Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said. “I am glad to see this investment from AT&T, and am certain that the increased ability to tout Wilmington’s connectivity to fiber internet further strengthens the reputation of our community.”

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Fiber Gigabit Services

John Lyon, who is the regional director for external affairs, AT&T® North Carolina added, “We are proud to add Wilmington to our list of cities where we plan to bring our fastest internet speed available. AT&T’s ultra-fast internet speeds will open up more possibilities for our customers. They can enjoy doing the things they love online, with less frustration and in less time.”

With AT&T® Internet 1000 offerings, the telecom giant is aiming to become the best internet provider in the nation. Experts even expect that the superfast internet offered by AT&T® Internet 1000 service can pose a big threat to the other internet providers in the country.

27 Apr

Explaining AT&T Fiber Deployment Strategy

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AT&T Fiber Deployment 

AT&T finds special interest among American neighborhoods. To working class people in California, AT&T provides DSL, which offers a broadband speed of up to 6Mbps. The VDSL pack has a speed of 75Mbps down in Los Angeles. What separates best internet service is the great flexibility available for the users.

Subscribers Await Fiber Plans

Representing 42.8 percent of AT&T internet service is the California County. There are millions of Americans residing in California, out of which 68, 000 neighborhoods await access to fiber plans. When the internet providers cross the 50,000 mark, Californians could see a drastic increase in subscribers.

Getting Best Internet Service with President-Elect

Amid all the FCC licensing talks, AT&T may take away a major chunk of Oakland. The company has just announced fiber service in Oakland much to the surprise of other internet providers. It is reported that a 10Mbps speed plan awaits the whole of America following a pact with the Trump administration. Trump is seemingly interested in getting AT&T to 1 million rural homes and 18 business states!

What about Cleveland and Oakland

Best internet service is coming to Cleveland by both wireless and wired connections. The leading executives of the company are ready to skip mobile broadband internet as a thing of the past. One could understand the company executives who are on a high as AT&T awaits 12.5 million happy Americans by 2019 mid. Cleveland may get rid of its airport jams as Oakland has just bagged the fiber plan.

The Connect America Fund Obligation

Internet Providers

AT&T Wireless Initiative

Connect America is an AT&T wireless initiative which uses fiber cables instead of the outdated copper. The pact with Trump has also resulted in an obligation for AT&T who promises to serve 140, 000 customers in California. Parallels to that is an FCC analysis, which points out a major shortage of best internet service in America.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy on AT&T Broadband

In a press release last week, AT&T announced fiber plans across the 52 metro areas in America. The equation is pretty simple by the end of the year, it seems: Get busy living or get busy on broadband!


21 Apr

AT&T Plans To Bring High Speed Internet To Park Ridge City

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AT&T Internet Plans

One of the best internet service providers in the country, AT&T recently announced that they are planning to install new fiber optic cable throughout Park Ridge City. The officials from AT&T also added that this is actually a part of their plan, which is to offer high-speed internet service to all their customers in the country.

The area manager of design engineering for AT&T, Keith Harn described the latest technology as an “ultra fast” internet platform, which is popularly known as AT&T Fiber. Apart from installing new fiber optic cables on the existing telephone poles, the telecom company will also be introducing new cabinets or connection boxes, which will be located either above the ground or on the ground of existing poles.

Harn also added that the incorporation of this incredible technology has allowed the telecom giant to reach a larger area with each connection box. “I’m able to put these boxes in better locations, more aesthetically pleasing [locations],” he said. “I’m also able to maybe take a neighborhood, or two or three, put them together, and put in one of these boxes, resulting in less of them.”

Harn further indicated that almost all ground boxes would be 47 inches wide and 48 inches tall. The dimensions of the aboveground boxes are comparatively a lot smaller. Public Works Director, Wayne Zingsheim stated that the locations of the boxes will be approved by the city and they will also issue the permits as soon as possible.

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High Speed Internet

The boxes are actually reminiscent of what the telecom company had earlier proposed back in the year 2013 when the representatives approached the City Council with their plans to expand U-Verse telephone, internet, and cable services to the community. However, the infrastructure and boxes were never installed, which prompted the acting Mayor Marty Maloney to question the chances of a new fiber optic system coming to the city.

In a recent AT&T presentation, the acting Mayor Maloney said, “Maybe I’m a little cynical here, but what are the odds that what we’re talking about tonight moves forward? We went through it a few years ago. City staff spent a lot of time on it, [the City Council] spent a lot of time on it, and nothing ever came of it.”

However, the recent reports from AT&T’s website indicate that the telecom company is currently installing AT&T fiber in communities such as Wilmette, Skokie, Oak Park, Norridge, Arlington Heights, and Chicago. The fastest internet provider is also planning to install fiber cable in many other cities soon.

20 Mar

AT&T To Roll Out 3GPP Based Mobile 5G Services By 2018

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AT&T 5G Services

The telecommunications giant AT&T is scheduling to put forward standards-based mobile 5G services to the customers starting from late 2018 onwards. This new move by the carrier comes ahead of the third Generation Partnership Project’s (3GPP) decision to speed up the some of the aspects in its 5G New Radio (NR) specification. AT&T’s plans for launching 5G got a major boost from this new inclusion of 47 global operators and vendors.

According to the prearranged schedule, the process of 5G NR specifications is to be completed in December 2017. It supports mainly a non-standalone 5G standard that utilizes LTE for controlling 5G data connections. This is particularly relevant since AT&T supports both standalone and non-standalone options for the 5G network standard. This new timeline will speed up the availability of hardware for both the options.

This will allow each of the operators in selecting any option that suits the deployment plans. In addition, AT&T has also worked with the 3GPP standard in determining the needs of the users on starting out with the non-standalone option and the steady move into the standalone network. This new network standard will become a vital part of AT&T’s Network 3.0 Indigo platform and the capabilities will run on its Open Network Automation Program.

Best Internet Providers

AT&T Internet Service

The anticipated dates for the completion of the 3GPP Release 15 5G specification are by June 2018. This also includes both the standalone and non-standalone options. Through this, it will help in distinguishing the course of LTE from non-standalone to standalone and provide an overall idea regarding the demand for 5G enhanced mobile broadband uses. However, the Release 16 5G, which contains many exemplary features of a large Internet of Things (IoT), low-latency, use cases, etc., is set to complete by late 2019.

AT&T is also making plans for conducting their initial mobile-first 5G trials in 2017. This comes ahead of implementing the 5G services, whereas the second trial is scheduled to begin by April in the Austin region. Through these trials, residential and small-to-medium business customers will be allowed to stream DirecTV Now as well as access many latest entertainment and broadband services. Moreover, AT&T is leading far ahead of other wireless best internet providers through conducting this 5G network trials and 3GPP standards for 5G.

25 Feb

AT&T Launches Fiber Ultrafast Internet In New Albany And Jeffersonville

Internet Providers

Fiber Ultrafast Internet

AT&T has announced that the company is in the process of expanding fiber ultrafast internet into the regions of South Indiana. This new project comes after the launch of an ultrafast internet service in the Louisville Metro region four months ago.

According to AT&T officials, they have already begun adding customers to the fiber network in the New Albany and Jeffersonville regions. AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards stated during a news conference in New Albany that, “Our customers are increasingly interacting with massive amounts of data in new and intensive ways. Increasing the digital infrastructure is an important part of our economic engine and our community’s as well.”

The company has already started providing ultrafast internet service in Louisville, which is 20 times faster than the average cable service. Due to its 1-gigabit speeds, the new service is dubbed the best internet service in the area, serving more than thousands of homes and businesses in the region.

Louisville is one of the 51 metro areas that have AT&T’s fast internet connection along with other internet providers. The company plans to reach a target of providing ultrafast internet to 12.5 million locations across 67 metro areas by the year 2019.

The fiber ultrafast internet starts at around $80 per month and has many TV and HDR packages available. It offers 20 times more speeds than the average internet connection, which is a definitely an immense boon for the customers in streaming and downloading purposes.

Best Internet Service

AT&T Internet Service

The service has already benefitted nearly 4 million customers across the nation and is continuing its growth of subscribers. The residents in Jeffersonville and New Albany can check for access to the connection by visiting the AT&T website or by calling 800-288-2020.

U.S Rep. Trey Hollingsworth spoke further during the news conference, stating that, “I think this investment not only shows how much we can do in partnering with industry that wants to serve customers better but how industry makes a huge difference in the outcomes and lives of individual Americans and Hoosiers every day.”

To add up to the competition, many other services like Google Fiber and Spectrum have also stepped up to expand their services and provide better internet speeds. This has prompted AT&T to increase its footprint nationwide by offering the best internet service at the highest speeds to the customers.


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