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24 May

Top Dish Network® Packages for French

Dish Network Packages

International TV Packages

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the country and they offer a wide variety of TV plans and bundling options to customers to ensure that all their needs and requirements are met. The international TV packages of Dish Network® give you access to some of the best international channels. For instance, if you are a person who loves to watch Italian movies and TV shows, then the Italian Dish Network® packages will be an absolute treat for you. In addition to Italian, Dish Network® also offer packages that allow you to watch French, Spanish, Indian, Brazilian, and more international channels.

Dish Network® has an amazing collection of programs and channels in French. The telecom giant is currently offering two different French TV packages to customers. Below are a few important details about these packages that will help you to decide which one is the ideal choice for you.

French Bouquet

French Bouquet is one of the most popular International Dish Network® packages. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to enjoy access to excellent French and African TV programming including music videos, classic movies, game shows, cultural programs, kid’s programs, documentaries, movies, musical programs, drama series, news, sports events, and more.

TV Providers

Favorite TV Shows

The French Bouquet TV package is available to customers for just $19.99 a month, and it lets you watch eight popular international channels. Some of the best TV networks that are included in the package are EuroNews, TV5 Monde, TV5 Monde HD, Afrotainment Movies, and France 24.

French TV5 Monde

This excellent Dish Network® package gives you access to a number of excellent TV programs from Canada, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to watch sports events, cultural entertainment programs, movies, documentaries, current affairs programs, and latest newscasts.

French TV5 Monde TV package contains just a couple of channels though, namely TV5 Monde and TV5 Monde HD. So, if you need access only to just a few French channels, it is best to choose this package. French TV5 Monde TV package is available to customers at $9.99 per month.

03 May

Dish To Focus On Building Wireless Network For Internet Of Things

Internet Providers

Internet Of Things

Dish Network, one of the major TV and internet providers in the country, has announced new plans of shifting focus from traditional satellite TV to the Internet of Things platform. The new move comes ahead of the innumerable losses suffered by the company in its pay TV customer base during the previous three months of the year. Moreover, the stiffening up of competition in the television broadcast industry by rivals such as AT&T has prompted the company to undertake a major upgrade of its delivery platform by adopting the latest internet connectivity technologies.

Charlie Ergen, Chairman of Board and co-founder of Dish Network stated, “The reason I sleep at night pretty well is that what all those (companies) have in common is they need connectivity for those customers to receive video. And Roger (Lynch, Sling TV’s CEO) knows that the majority (of Sling customers) are not on TV screens but on mobile devices. That’s why you need wireless.”

Dish has made a considerable leap in its proposed wireless network by winning a Federal Communications Commission auction of about $6.2 billion worth of spectrum intended for nationwide coverage. This spectrum operates in low frequency of 600 MHz that results in better coverage and penetration to indoor spaces also. Previously employed by television broadcast stations, this spectrum will enable Dish to build a wireless communications network for internet of things devices like home automation systems, drones, self-driven vehicles, heartbeat monitors, and many others.

Best Internet

Building Wireless Network

“We were not only able to get our nationwide spectrum but also stay in the bigger cities where we felt particularly that IoT would be beneficial,” Ergen said. Reports say that Dish is also considering building a partnership with other major wireless companies like AT&T and T-Mobile. Ergen added, “Our focus today is to build out our network to meet our 2020 deadline with or without partners. We’re prepared to do it.”

Recently, Dish incurred significant losses in its pay TV segment with the inability to attract new paying customers and prevent the loss of its existing customer base. Many other cable and satellite television companies also followed suit and resorted to including high-speed internet bundle with the TV service. With the new move to expand service to the IoT platform, Dish Network is anticipating further growth in its subscriber base while providing them with the best internet services along with pay TV.

14 Mar

Dish Network Raises $1 Billion Through A Debt Offering

Fastest Internet Provider

Super Fast Internet

One of the best internet providers in the country, Dish Network is using a debt offering to generate $1 billion. The wireless spectrum holder and satellite television provider hinted that they might use this amount for “spectrum-related strategic transactions.”

The debt offering that generates money for Dish Network is actually about 2.375% convertible notes, which are due in the year 2024. Reports indicate that this amount will be sold to a cluster of institutional investors. The value of these notes will be about $82.22 per share when they are matured.

The fastest internet service provider, Dish Network is also involved in the 600 MHz incentive auction proceedings of the Federal Communications Commission at present. Reports from several sources claim that Dish Network will wait for the outcome of this program to add it to their established haul of spectrum resources.

In a recent statement, the officials from Dish Network added that the telecom company currently holds about 75 MHz of spectrum nationwide. However, Dish officials also added that they have not put them to use for commercial wireless services including spectrum in the lower 700 MHz E-Block, spectrum around the 2 GHz band from the H-Block auction, and spectrum in the 1.7/2.1 GHz band through the FCC’s AWS-3 and AWS-4 auctions.

Reports claim that the telecom giant recently filed documents with the FCC in which they agreed to meet the build-out requirements for their AWS-4 and 700 MHz E-Block licenses. This will be done through a “5G” network deployment, which is in support of IoT services.

Best Internet Providers

Dish Network Offering

In the filing, the telecom company also stated that they are planning to meet FCC’s 2020 deadline for their entire spectrum license. The officials from Dish Network also added that their focus is on using narrowband-IoT technology.

“While we will continue to explore partnership opportunities, the current plan is to deploy a network on our own or in possible cooperation with Northstar Wireless and SNR Wireless, two entities in which Dish subsidiaries made non-controlling investments in connection with the AWS-3 auction,” the company stated. “We also are open to exploring joint build partnerships that could reduce overall network deployments costs for Dish and other operators who may be upgrading or deploying their own networks in the same time frame.”

26 Oct

Why DishNET Is The Best Internet Service Available To The Customers

DishNET Service

Separate Email Accounts

Dish Network launched their internet service, commonly known as DishNET, in order to give their rural subscribers an opportunity to enjoy high-speed internet service. This service was started in the year 2012, and Dish Network’s internet service has showed great promise since then, and they have more than a thousand subscribers under their internet offerings.

DishNET service is available in almost all areas of the United States. One of the major advantages of this internet service is that it is the cheapest service available in the country, when users bundle it with Dish Network’s satellite TV service. Furthermore, Dish has also made it possible for their customers to a pay a single bill for their bundled package and have also provided a single customer service number for both their internet and TV services.

The maximum speed offered by Dish Network’s internet service is 10 Mbps and the maximum data cap offered is 30 GB. DishNET service allows you to surf the web, check your email, play online games, shop online, stream and watch videos, and download a high definition movie in a matter of few seconds. Here are a few highlights of DishNET internet service.

Fast Internet Speed

The minimum internet speed offered by DishNET is 5 Mbps, whereas the maximum internet speed is 10 Mbps. This means that you will be able to download music files, high definition movies, or stream videos, in a matter of few seconds.

Separate Connection

Dish Network uses a separate connection from your home phone, which guarantees that you will not miss any important phone calls while you are on the internet.

Always Connected

This feature enables you to instantly use your internet service without the need to logging in to the service during each session.

Separate Email Accounts

Dish Network has provided five separate email addresses to their users. This will give you and your family members a chance to create their own personal account.

Budget Friendly

DishNET service is available at a much lesser price when compared to other internet providers. Dish subscribers can enjoy both internet and cable service at just $49.99 per month.


DISH High Speed Internet

Fast Internet Speed

You need not have to install any software to use DishNET internet service and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Customer Service

The customer service from DishNET is open 24×7. You can easily contact them when you encounter any problems or errors.


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