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CenturyLink, the fastest internet provider in the regions has announced various measures that aim at simplifying its broadband tier pricing in Nevada. This will offer the consumers with a price for life guarantee across its three major internet speed tiers. The company has initiated this new move as a measure to attract and keep more broadband customers from switching to cable. CenturyLink has offered the pricing details of its three main internet speed tiers. These cheap internet plans include 1.5-25 Mbps service at $40, 25-80 Mbps at $50, 81-100 Mbps at $60 and 101 Mbps-1 Gbps at $80 per month.

According to a CenturyLink spokesperson, the new pricing scheme is a measure to tighten the bond between the existing and new broadband customers. The spokesperson stated, “In an effort to help enhance the customer experience, CenturyLink is offering Las Vegas residential customers new simplified pricing options for broadband and phone services. While a broadband cost recovery fee won’t be part of these offers, the fee will still apply to other broadband service offers in Las Vegas.”

The spokesperson further added, “CenturyLink will evaluate the response to our new offer before considering expanding these pricing options to additional markets in the future.” The new proposal to give away its broadband internet cost recovery fee (ICF) has been favored by many customers. They began implementing the fee in 2013 and have raised the fee to about four dollars over the years.

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CenturyLink has stated that this renewed fee is applicable for its broadband customers excluding the high-speed internet customers in the Price for Life scheme. CenturyLink came out with the fee proposal as a means to support the broadband services and other networks operating under the company. They stated on their website, “This fee helps defray costs associated with building and maintaining CenturyLink’s High-Speed Internet broadband network, as well as the costs of expanding network capacity to support the continued increase in customers’ average broadband consumption.”

The new efforts of fee elimination and simplification of its broadband packages are the result of the company’s effort in restoring its broadband customer base. Over the years, the company has suffered significant loss in its internet subscriber base. To counter this loss, CenturyLink has formulated a series of goals that aims at having 10.5 million broadband-enabled units providing speeds of above 40 Mbps by the year 2018. CenturyLink’s primary priority is to enhance the speeds of its existing customers, with the new 40 Mbps service having the most demand among the customers.