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The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit will now be connected with the digital world, thanks to the advanced network services offered by CenturyLink®. This new connectivity experience provided by CenturyLink® will enable sports fans, concert audience, and others to remain connected in the arena. CenturyLink’s networking technology is being used to enhance the connectivity in and around the Little Caesars Arena. For this purpose, the Telco has developed and installed a converged LAN in the area for providing easy access to its best internet service.

“Building a world-class communications infrastructure was critical to the success of the arena, and CenturyLink® delivered,” said John King, Vice President for Information & Innovation at Olympia Entertainment Inc., the company that offers facility management services at the Little Caesars Arena.  “The arena’s advanced communications network helps us keep our guests connected in multiple ways as they’re enjoying our events while enabling the operations staff to keep everything running smoothly and at peak efficiency.”

Besides, this newly installed LAN will also provide connectivity across the entire district of Detroit. As a measure of increasing the connectivity in the arena, CenturyLink® services have linked several digital signage, internet-protocol television, Wi-Fi and mobile applications inside the arena complex. In addition, CenturyLink® will also offer terminals that offer telephony, parking, ticket, concession point-of-sale, and technical support.

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Little Caesars Arena has a large communications system that contains more than 12,000 active internet ports, about 200 virtual LANs (VLANs), and 45 intermediate distribution frames (IDFs). This helps in linking the communications cable between the major distribution frame and the devices of the users. The network can support about 40 gigabits of data and has a redundant 20-gigabit uplink into each of the IDF located in the arena.

The digital signage and IPTV platform is one of the most notable technologies deployed by CenturyLink® at the Little Caesars Arena. It has feeds that link to about 1700 video display screens across the arena including the larger ones located in the major areas. Moreover, CenturyLink® is also offering VoIP service about 700-wired phones based in and around the arena. This covers the operations offices and the call center of the arena.

Mahesh Dalvi, Vice President of Technology Architecture at CenturyLink® said, “Every communications platform, component or device within Little Caesars Arena is connected to our network. We’re excited to be providing advanced networking solutions for such a high-profile, high-tech arena.” CenturyLink® has also deployed such advanced networking technologies in several different public venues across the country.