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CenturyLink®, one of the best internet service providers in the country, has forged a new collaboration with ThreatConnect™ Inc., a major security platform provider. This will aid in integrating ThreatConnect’s managed security services provider (MSSP) program and its threat defense technology for use on the cyber security status of the clients.

CenturyLink® will currently utilize ThreatConnect’s SAP HANA powered security platform for its managed security services. This new collaboration with ThreatConnect™ will enable the provider to enhance the security of its key networking domains and infrastructure from any cyber attacks.

By incorporating this new platform from ThreatConnect™, CenturyLink® customers are provided with an effective means to detect any relevant threats that enables them to protect themselves from such threats in a proactive manner. Moreover, it also enables them to respond quickly to any such threats in a timely manner.

CenturyLink® and its clients can utilize the MSSP program of ThreatConnect™ for incorporating newer threat management and security operations functions. This will bring about improved detection, protection and the various corrective measures by utilizing the threat intelligence.

Adam Vincent, CEO of ThreatConnect™ stated, “With the addition of CenturyLink®, our MSSP program is expanding in the right direction. By providing automation, orchestration, and threat intelligence on a single platform, our MSSP program is a force multiplier that organizations like CenturyLink® can leverage to offer threat detection and response, customized processes or any of a number of premium services to clients.”

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CenturyLink® is a key player in the telecommunications industry that offers a host of services such as cheap internet packages, network and data systems management, managed security services, cloud, big data analysis, and IT consulting services. Besides, the company also offers numerous sophisticated threat services such as security log monitoring (SLM), incident management and response services.

CenturyLink® services also assist the customers to identify, protect and take the necessary corrective measure against the threats in a proactive manner. Utilizing ThreatConnect™ platform will be highly beneficial for CenturyLink® in combining the threat intelligence with its managed security services.

Tim Kelleher, Vice President of IT Security Services CenturyLink® said, “With the help of ThreatConnect’s security orchestration capabilities, we are able to seamlessly integrate numerous threat intelligence feeds from multiple commercial and proprietary sources into CenturyLink’s robust and comprehensive MSS platform. This creates operational efficiency and delivers greater insight for faster, more informed decision-making, and it is further validation of CenturyLink’s commitment to help customers improve their cyber security posture.”