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Cloud Application Manager

CenturyLink, provider of one of the best internet services in the US, has recently launched the CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager to empower digital transformation for their enterprise customers. The CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager is a new orchestration platform that is designed to simplify the deployment of managed services, enterprise workloads, and third party cloud services and resources. This platform enables businesses to better manage their workloads and applications across hybrid hosting environments like collocation centers, in customer private clouds, and public cloud environments.

In a business environment, where the companies are looking to simplify governance and management of applications across various cloud infrastructures without the need to sacrifice visibility or control, Cloud Application Manager offers flexibility that the businesses need to quickly deploy, provision, and migrate the workload to the environment that is best matching for the business requirements. This platform also helps to automate the deployment of expert managed services offered by CenturyLink for infrastructure and application management.

The Cloud Application Manager by CenturyLink includes:

Application Lifecycle Management

Partners and customers will be able manage applications from build phase, deployment phase or run state. After the deployment, automation policies that are defined by the customers will enable the customers to update, scale, and migrate various applications across environments.

Cloud Optimization

Partners and customers will be able to leverage the existing cloud accounts or offer new subscriptions via the Cloud Application Manager platform. This step will simplify the consolidated billing and vendor management of multi cloud deployments. In addition, the manager would also help the user to better manage spending and cost on different cloud platforms while offering recommendations on suitable place to run workloads.

Managed Services Anywhere

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Multi-Cloud Management

Customers and partners will be able to choose CenturyLink Managed Services for on-demand patching, monitoring, remote administration, and backup across hybrid hosting environments.

“Many of our customers and partners struggle with the business challenge of determining the best execution venue for their business applications,” said David Shacochis, who is the vice president of Hybrid IT product management in CenturyLink. “We designed Cloud Application Manager to give our customers a wide variety of infrastructure options across diverse public and private cloud environments.”

Shacochis further added that, “Cloud Application Manager helps companies avoid vendor lock-in, automate application deployments, scale workloads across disparate hosting environments, and optimize their costs over time. These benefits are available in a self-service model, or one that is actively managed by CenturyLink team members.”