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Fiber Gigabit Services

CenturyLink, Inc. one of the major internet providers in the country has announced that it is now offering fiber-ready gigabit broadband internet services to more than 13000 small and large businesses across 1,150 multi-tenant unit offices in Utah. With this, the business customers in the region can access broadband internet with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. Along with the MTU-based gigabit services for business, CenturyLink is also offering voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud-based services, and managed IT services.

This new expansion of its fiber broadband services comes because of the ever-increasing use of digital technology and internet across all domains. Accenture’s Digital Economic Value Index, released last year has concluded that by the year 2020, around 25 percent of the world’s economy will switch to digital. The growing demand for internet-based services in business and economy has made CenturyLink expand their Fiber broadband services.

Jeremy Ferkin, vice president of Utah operations of CenturyLink said, “By offering fiber-ready services to multi-tenant unit office buildings across the state of Utah, we can more quickly connect our business customers to the power of the digital world and offer them access to the same blazing-fast gigabit service from CenturyLink that enterprises throughout the country already trust for affordable and scalable business solutions.”

He also stressed that “Because CenturyLink owns, maintains and controls seven fiber routes that transit the state of Utah; we are able to offer the lowest latency connectivity to meet increasing bandwidth demands from businesses.”

For businesses based in MTU buildings, CenturyLink offer access to multiple, wide-area cheap internet connections, distributed through its fiber-optic network infrastructure. This includes multiprotocol label switching virtual private network (MPLS-VPN), metro Ethernet and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

Broadband Internet Services

This will offer high speed and wide bandwidths of fiber-based broadband connection, which will help businesses access top quality-hosted voice, cloud-based solutions, and other IT services. In addition, they also facilitate the sharing of such services among multiple business locations.

Theresa Foxley, president, and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah said, “CenturyLink’s continued commitment to delivering advanced, convenient and affordable fiber-based solutions to businesses is helping Utah maintain its standing as one of the best states in the country for business. Having CenturyLink’s world-class network infrastructure in Utah is instrumental in helping us attract new businesses of all sizes to the state.”