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CenturyLink, one of the major telecom and internet providers in the nation, has begun offering gigabit speed fiber-ready broadband internet service to about 47,000 small and large businesses in Arizona. The company has recently announced that they have made available the necessary infrastructure required for high-speed internet to 2,533 multi-unit office buildings in Arizona that includes up to 810 buildings located in the Phoenix metro area.

This extension of fiber internet service provides the best internet service to businesses operating in the Arizona region. It allows them data transfer speeds of one gigabit per second along with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), managed IT solutions, and cloud-based services. This new offering of fiber services is the second largest expansion project undertaken by the company in recent years.

Chris Denzin, vice president of Arizona operations for CenturyLink said, “Over the course of multiple years we will spend hundreds of millions of dollars nationally laying fiber on the ground or on poles to reach businesses. We’ve essentially doubled up in size. This is another significant investment in this segment.” With this, the small and mid-range businesses are offered the same high-speed fiber internet connectivity like the larger companies.

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One Gigabit Per Second

“The quick benefits are scalability and having access to faster data services. They can take their local businesses global and can also use technology to expand,” Denzin further stated. “IT can be a revenue generator. This will enable them to get to the cloud environment quicker and they can compete with the largest firms. Once you have the access and infrastructure, it frees you up to do a lot of technology things you couldn’t do before. We believe this investment is good for our customers and for the state. The infrastructure is the gateway.”

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Arizona has praised the efforts of CenturyLink. They stated that the continued investment is providing excellent networking infrastructure that will bolster the image of Arizona as the ideal state for business in the country. Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “With easy access to high-speed connectivity, the state can entice more corporate headquarters, while also offering small and mid-sized businesses the tools needed to successfully navigate a complex and rapidly changing technology environment.”