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American citizens, who are in search of the best internet service for their home or business needs, often ask themselves how much they will have to pay for a reliable high-speed internet connection. There is no simple answer to this question because most internet providers in the country offer a wide variety of internet prices based on whether you are bundling the services or not. In addition to that, several internet providers also offer low introductory prices that may significantly rise after the promotion period.

However, it seems that CenturyLink® is planning something very different. The telecom giant recently offered a set of simplified rates, which they called “Price for Life.” The officials from CenturyLink® confirmed that these new rates are currently available to their customers in the Portland area. Additionally, they also added that the revised rates would soon be available to CenturyLink® internet customers in other markets too.

The telecom company added that these internet prices would remain valid as long as customers maintain their internet subscriptions. Reports indicate that customers will have to neither sign a contract nor subscribe to an additional service to enjoy this latest offering.

Reports say that CenturyLink® customers will have to pay $55 a month to get access to an internet service that offers a speed of 40 Mbps. However, customers who want more internet speed have two options before them. They can either subscribe to the 100 Mbps speed internet service for $65 a month or they could choose the 1 gigabit high-speed internet service for $85 a month.

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Price For Life Plan

In a statement, CenturyLink® Portland spokeswoman Rachel Montemayor said, “Price for Life is currently rolling out this offer in all CenturyLink markets across the United States. It started in a few trial markets in June, and will continue to expand throughout the rest of the year.”

It is also reported that customers will not be forced to subscribe to the service for a particular time period. They also enjoy the luxury to keep these rates as long as they want. The telecom company guarantees, “no hidden fees” but you will have to pay an additional amount of $10 every month if you are planning to lease a modem from CenturyLink®.