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According to a recent report, all internet packages offered by AT&T, including the bundle deals with DirecTV Choice package and others, will see some changes soon. If the reports were to be believed, these changes would affect all the internet users out there, expected to take effect from May 1.

As the part of the changes, the customers of AT&T U-Verse service will be able to use more data, although this will be restricted only for the residential connections. Once they reach their restrictions on the usage cap, a new data pool will be unlocked. However, this will be determined by the tier of service they are using.

The quantity of data offered under each package is determined by tier. The new restrictions will be between 300 GB to 1 TB a month. If you are on a faster internet service level and if you use more data, you will benefit more upon exceeding your caps.

What Does Exceeding The Cap Would Mean?

When you exceed the cap of your AT&T U-Verse internet service, you will be charged another $10. In effect, it is more or less like you are crossing your mobile data limit. However, the best part is that crossing the limit would provide you with another packet of data comprising 50 GB. If you cross that limit as well, you will be charged another $10 and be provided with another bundle of data.

According to the stats, an average AT&T U-Verse user uses up to 100 GB of data each month. However, only about 4 percent of the overall users ever cross the limit and thereby incur any additional charges.

How To Escape Data Caps While Using AT&T U-Verse

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If you are careful about your usage or plan your extra usage, you can escape the cap. If you foresee any extra usage for the month, just pay a $30 fee, and switch to the “unlimited plan” from your existing plan. This will not only help you meet your internet usage requirements for the current month, but also will give you an opportunity to save on additional costs.

AT&T U-Verse services are becoming more popular these days owing to a number of factors like high-speed internet services, bundle options with DirecTV Choice package, better customer support and flexible switching options. If you are not an AT&T U-Verse user, consider switching to the service right away.