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It is a widely known fact that Charter Communications® is one of the best internet providers in the United States. The recent efforts made by the telecom giant have enabled them to significantly boost the download speed of their Spectrum® internet service in New York. However, Charter Communications® will have to try a little bit harder to ensure that more subscribers can take advantage of this feature.

Charter® has earlier signed an agreement with the Public Service Commission of the state when they acquired Time Warner Cable® for $65 billion last year. As per this agreement, the telecom giant is required to provide a maximum internet download speed of 100 megabits per second to all New York subscribers by the end of 2018. However, the officials from Charter® claimed that they have already completed the necessary upgrades required for providing 100 Mbps download speeds to New York customers.

This was revealed in the recent annual report submitted by the Public Service Commission. The field investigators of Commission stated that they would be testing Charter’s claim through random sampling and other tests to make sure that the telecom company is in compliance.

It is true that Charter Communications® does not always advertise their 100 Mbps internet service, popularly known as Spectrum® Internet Ultra, and most of their marketing strategies are focused on the standard 60 Mbps service. Commenting on that, Charter® representative Justin Venech said that customers who bundle the 100 Mbps internet service of Spectrum® with their TV service would have to pay $93.99 a month, whereas the 60 Mbps internet and TV bundle costs just $53.99 per month.

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“Our marketing is overwhelmingly focused on our leading, entry 60 Mbps Spectrum® Internet offering,” Venech said. “We don’t widely market our 100 Mbps service but it is available everywhere our Spectrum broadband pricing and packaging is launched, which includes all legacy (Time Warner Cable®) areas in New York.”

However, according to the agreement with the Public Service Commission, Charter®® should also extend their broadband internet service to other areas of the state including rural communities. This means that Charter® will have to extend their internet service offering to regions where there is no internet service or where internet speeds are below 25 Mbps. In that regard, the telecom giant has expanded their high-speed internet service to over 3,184 potential customers in Saratoga and Albany counties and they are planning to expand the service to other areas shortly.