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One of the leading cable TV and internet providers in the United States, Charter Communications®, is currently pushing their Spectrum® cable TV customers to adopt an all-channel format, which will require every one of their TV subscribers to buy new set-top boxes. Several experts in the field of telecommunications had stated that this move from the telecom giant would displease customers.

Surprisingly, the executives from Charter® recently stated that the complaint rates against their TV service have significantly decreased over the last few weeks. Charter® also pointed out that the number of customer complaints that they currently receive is far less when compared to the number of complaints Time Warner Cable® received when they were in charge.

The telecom giant, Charter Communications® acquired Time Warner Cable® back in the year 2016. The State Public Service Commission that allowed this deal had asked Charter® to reduce the number of customer complaints by 35 percent by the year 2010. It seems that the telecom company has managed to pull off a terrific job as per reports obtained from several reliable sources.

A Barclay Damon Attorney, Maureen Helmer, who is currently representing Charter Communications®, sent a letter to the PSC. In the letter, Helmer stated that the customer complaints against the telecom company have considerably reduced customer complaints even though Charter® has rolled out a very different TV, internet, and phone offering than that of Time Warner Cable®.

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Helmer said, “As the commission is aware, change can trigger complaints as customers adjust to new service options, promotions, and packages. Notwithstanding these challenges of integration and product advancement, Charter® is pleased to report, as noted above, that complaints have actually declined in 2017 and Charter® is making significant progress towards meeting the complaint rate targets established in the merger order.”

She also added that the drop in the number of customer complaints was due to “an increased level of accountability for the complaint handling process within the company.” In addition to that, Helmer also said that all-digital conversion of Charter’s cable TV service would significantly improve the video picture quality and also enable the telecom company to boost their internet speeds.

In the letter, Helmer wrote, “Notwithstanding these ongoing changes, Charter® expects that the processes it has established to enhance how it handles complaints will continue to drive down its PSC complaint numbers. In order to ensure that we build on this favorable trend, Charter® will actively monitor and assess the number and type of complaints it receives from the PSC to ensure appropriate actions are taken to reduce the overall number of complaints that are received by and escalated to your agency.”