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Reports from several reliable sources claim that the telecom company, Charter Communications, has finally entered into the last stage of expansion and upgrade of their high-speed internet service in West Stockbridge, Hinsdale, and Lanesborough.

The second largest cable service and fastest internet provider in the country has already completed approximately 90 percent of its $3.9 million proposed project. This service is currently available in more than 3,000 businesses and homes in these three towns.

In a recent email, Charter stated that, “We are in the permitting process to reach the remaining 440 homes and expect to begin construction once pole licenses are in hand. We expect the first customers in those areas will be activated by late summer.”

Lanesborough Town Manager, Paul Sieloff praised the efforts of the telecom company and added, “I’m happy Lanesborough will have internet for 96 percent of the town.”

The Town Administrator of West Stockbridge, Mark Webber is also pleased with the progress made by Charter Communications, whose prime purpose is to improve the service that is currently available to existing Charter subscribers. In addition to that, the telecom company is also planning to expand their service to the residents of the city who has no access to the company’s cable service at present.

Webber said, “We feel particularly fortunate in that Charter completed a comprehensive upgrade of their system which now hits 90 percent of our homes, all at zero cost to the town.”

The upgrade to existing Charter subscribers in Hinsdale means that about 60 to 70 percent of the town has access to the best internet service and it includes the municipal government as well. The Town Administrator, Ryan Aylesworth said that, “It has really helped us to do our work at Town Hall”

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The Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) donated a $1.6 million grant to Charter Communications, which allowed the telecom giant to upgrade their local TV-only cable service to an all-digital network that delivered broadband and digital television to approximately 90 percent of businesses and households in these three towns.

In addition to that, the funding also helped Charter to bring their services to about 440 households in Hinsdale, West Stockbridge, and Lanesborough, which are currently without cable television and broadband service. The efforts made by the MBI to bring the best internet service to underserved communities will certainly result in both personal and business growth in rural areas.