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Charter Spectrum is currently in the process of enhancing its internet connectivity and customer service in the city of Columbus, Ohio. This will aid in drastically improving the internet speeds for the customers in the region. The new offering comes ahead of the latest acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications and rechristening it as Charter Spectrum.

Wes Shirley, Senior Manager of Communications, Charter Communications said, “Our starting internet speed of 60 Mbps (megabits per second) is 20 percent faster than the fastest offering from TWC. Our customers in Columbus began noticing the internet enhancements in November.”

In addition to the fast internet speeds offered by the provider, Spectrum has also come up with many improvements in the customer service, unlike other internet providers in the area. These are consumer-friendly policies like the exclusion of contracts, data caps, usage-based pricing, and additional modem charges.

Such improvements into the services have been successful in drawing the attention of the customers to Charter Spectrum, and this has benefitted the company in numerous ways like the addition of more new subscribers for their internet services. Shirley said, “At its core Charter’s business strategy focuses on investing in the network and personnel to deliver superior products and services.”

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This internet connectivity upgrading will enable the customers to utilize the many benefits offered by an unlimited broadband experience. It has enabled the customers in streaming High-Definition video content along with the option to download music and many others at the same time. Shirley opines that when paired with a powerful in-home WiFi, it would offer sufficient bandwidth for the whole family to access the internet with ease across multiple devices in the home.

The statements of the company spokesperson focus on more investments in the service. Through this, Charter has made plans in hiring thousands of new employees in the coming years. “We’re looking to add 20,000 new jobs in the United States,” Charter officials said. “The majority of these new positions will serve customers directly, as part of our strategy to bring jobs from legacy Time Warner Cable call centers back to the U.S. to better serve our customers.”

However, Charter Spectrum differs from other major operators, as it never had any significant loss among customers going for the cord-cutting option. Shirley stated about this, “In existing Charter systems, we actually added TV customers in both 2015 and 2016 by delivering on our promise of superior products — the most HD, thousands of on-demand options, the fastest starting internet speeds and fully featured voice service.”