Charter Spectrum Voice Offers Great Plans To Their Customers

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Charter Spectrum Voice is trying to attract more subscribers towards their landline service these days. The home phones from Charter Spectrum are offering numerous options to subscribers and this might urge the customers to turn in their cell phones and sign up for landline connections.

The home phones from Charter Spectrum offer exceptional offers including unlimited long distance and local calling in the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. Moreover, this offer is available to the subscribers at a comparatively lower cost when compared to other phone companies.

In addition to that, Charter Spectrum Voice home phones also offer 13 special calling features with 411 accessibility at zero extra charges. The voice feature from Charter also includes basic call options such as three-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, as well as call waiting with caller ID.

The Features

The home phones also offer services such as personal voicemail answering that notifies you when there is an unanswered or unheard message. The call forwarding feature allows you to forward your calls to any another number, when you are away from home. You could also select and assign a dozen of specific numbers to forward the call.

The call acceptance feature allows you to be selective about the calls you want to accept. Similar to the personal voicemail-answering feature, this option allows you to set 12 numbers from whom you are ready to accept the calls, anytime. A polite voice message will be given to the other callers to tell them that you were busy.

The Anonymous Call Rejection feature in Charter Spectrum Voice home phones blocks calls from anonymous numbers and sends an automated voice message notifying that you will not receive calls from anonymous numbers. Customized rings and speed dialing features can also be set up to eight numbers.

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Repeat Dialing is another great feature available in Charter Spectrum Voice. This feature enables the user to repeatedly and continuously call a number until the call is connected. Apart from that, the enhanced 911 services in the home phone will offer extra safety to your family.

Overall, Charter Spectrum Voice allows you to save a lot of money and enjoy many incredible services. Charter Spectrum charges very low for international calls as well, and have offered a plan that allots 250 talk minutes to over 200 destinations in the world at a similar low charge.