Triple Play Package

AT&T U-Verse Offers

The choice of Triple Play package between AT&T U-verse and Time Warner Cable is one of the hardest a customer can make. Why? Because both companies have confusing websites for one thing, and their deals further muddy the waters. Here we have gathered most of the relevant information for you to make a detailed comparison, but you should probably skip this post if you don’t have both broadband services available in your area.

What You Should Be Looking At

When comparing broadband services, there are three vital features to consider:

  • Broadband speeds they offer, as well as TV channels in the lineup
  • Overall price
  • Reliability and Customer Service

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AT&T U-Verse

This is a combined digital TV, broadband, and home phone service from the largest DSL provider in the country. The company actually uses VDSL technology, which is about 6.5 times as fast as standard DSL, and the benefits of that are evident. Delivery is carried out over existing telephone lines, so there is no rewiring necessary to set up the service.

TV Channels

Channel lineup varies with plan and bundle. The offering covers up to 210 HD channels, entire home DVRs, individual DVRs, and traditional cable boxes. There are bundles you can sign up for at reduced prices, several months of free movie channels, etc. Just be sure to read the plan details first.


Even in a Triple Play package, this is important. U-verse gives download speeds of up to 45 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps, so most customers simply can’t complain about the speed of internet. If you love streaming videos, U-verse supports HD streaming from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

Home Phone

U-verse includes solid home phone service with caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, anonymous call rejection, and national and international calling.

Time Warner Cable

TWC is the 3rd largest cable internet and TV provider in the US, which means their service delivery would use existing cable TV lines.

TV Channels

Broadband Services

TV Channels Lienup

With over 200 HD channels, whole home DVRs, and traditional DVRs, as well as multiple tiers to choose from, TWC is accomplished in wooing customers. What you need to watch is their equipment prices, which typically cost more than industry standard. TWC offers all the premium channels you would get with other providers, and also a few specialty ones in select markets like NYC.


TWC’s internet download speeds reach up to 50mbps in most areas, and up to 300mbps in upgraded areas. The basic 2mbps connection is priced $14.99/month onwards.

Home Phone

You can select from among multiple packages, many of them offering unlimited calls to anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Which To Choose: U-Verse Or TWC

Both services have pros and cons. AT&T offers better pricing, but you need to be aware of the hidden fees. TWC gives ultrafast internet, but the prices of their TV and equipment are higher. Consider the above aspects as well as any new deals and promotions that come up.