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It seems that Comcast is trying to improve their relationship with the customers. They are now rolling out a new system that is aimed at simplifying the way users set up, connect, and use their home Wi-Fi network. The new system from Comcast includes an easy to use app, which will offer the user a walk through on setting up the internet connection and gateway. In addition to that, the system will help users troubleshoot problems with the different devices that are connected to the network.

“We think that great internet and the experience of great internet is more than just fast bandwidth to your wall that’s reliable,” explained Comcast chief product officer, Chris Satchell. “Because so much of that then goes wrong inside the home. It’s either so complex or you wonder why something isn’t working.“

Comcast understands that the average user will only blame the internet service provider for connectivity issues of their devices, whether that is true or not. This is the reason they have decided to do all that is needed to address issues with the connected devices and internet service to keep their users happy. “I think we feel responsible for the internet all the way up to their device. You have to have a system like this, a service like this, so that you can make your home connectivity really work for you,” Satchell said.

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The new system from Comcast will allow users to see connection status of all the devices on the network through a smartphone app. If any of the devices, which are connected to the network, experience any issues with connectivity, the app will alert you of the issue. This app will walk you through the steps to improve connectivity, such as taking the device out of its cabinet for a clear signal. Comcast representative told that the app would also let users know if the problem is with the internet connection or the device.

“We deliver premium services, so we feel we should give them the best features,” Satchell said. “Plus it just helps you troubleshoot the problems you have and do that quickly and easily rather than have to call us or wait for us to solve it.”