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Comcast Corporation has finally completed their fiber based network expansion in Michigan. The telecom company spent approximate 83.3 million and two years in order to complete the expansion process. The project has resulted in the addition of over 70 miles of fiber to about 1,260 buildings, which houses 2,260 business tenants across Lansing, Grand Rapids, and southeast Michigan.

The fiber internet service offered by Comcast Corporation has the capability to deliver a maximum internet speed of 100 gigabits-per-second (Gbps). This offering from Comcast Internet will bring numerous opportunities to many businesses, as they will be able to access a high performance internet service that will enable them to meet the daily demands of their enterprises more efficiently.

Many processes performed by business companies in the area actually require a larger amount of bandwidth in order to link multiple branch locations or sites or to connect their offices with another data center. The expansion of the fiber internet service means that most of the companies will be able to finish all these tasks with much ease.

The senior vice president of Comcast in Michigan, Tim Collins said, “These network investments will provide a great business advantage to companies of all sizes and industries. Our customers’ bandwidth needs typically double every three years. By putting fiber in the ground now, we’ll be ready to meet their growing demands for speed and bandwidth, particularly as more customers move to cloud-based applications and require the fast download and upload speeds that we provide.”

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Commenting on that, the President and CEO for Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Rich Studley said that, “Investments, like Comcast Business’ fiber build, are good for Michigan’s overall economic development. Knowing office space is already primed for high-speed broadband service is helping local municipalities attract new businesses to their communities.”

Reports indicate that this initiative from Comcast Corporation is the largest single concentrated fiber expansion the company has ever done in Michigan. The multi-Gigabit Ethernet service offered by Comcast Internet is actually delivered over an advanced network, which serves about 20 of the largest markets in the country.

Reports also indicate that the expansion of fiber in Michigan will certainly draw in more businesses and customers to Comcast’s offering. The internet speed offered by Comcast is far more superior when compared with the internet speed offered by other providers.