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Comcast® increased their network and services recently in Monmouth County. Experts say that this was done by the best internet provider to rival other Telcos in the area and reach the cord cutters as well. The upgrades from Comcast® cater to gigabit internet, cellular service, TV, and so forth. The services offered by Comcast® to business customers as of now are also in their upgrade plans, except for an office security system which they are planning to add to their portfolio.

“Typically to be able to offer all your services you need to build up a network,” said Jack A. Segal, Comcast’s Vice President of Communications for Greater Chicago. “We built up a network to be able to handle the capacity of what you need. When you offer services, when you offer TV programming, internet, when you offer a home security system you need the most robust system available.”

Even though Comcast® has been in the region for decades now, Segal said the company waited until last month to upgrade their service, since they needed to make sure that there was sufficient demand for their offerings. “It’s a significant investment to come to a location and offer all your services,” Segal added. “It’s the culmination of a lot of planning. That’s why we’re here now.”

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Comcast’s announcement also surfaces at the wake of deregulations to net neutrality rules by the Republican-led Congress on a 3-2 vote in a recent meeting held earlier this month. On the other hand, Monmouth Director of Information Technology, Kenneth Helms said that it took Comcast® “around a month to set up the infrastructure for the city necessary to deliver the expanded services.”

Helms also talked about the expansion of the best internet provider and the benefits they bring to the residents referring to internet service, cellular service and TV with DVR Playability. “We’re happy to see a longtime service provider in town introduce expanded services for the citizens,” he said.

As of now, the rivals of Comcast Corporation® in the Monmouth County include MTC Communications, DerbyNet, and McDonough Telephone, the three companies delivering similar services in the area. So with the move by Comcast®, the options for the residents and businesses looking for ISPs near their area have been increased.