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Comcast® has declared that it has successfully connected several households in both Tennessee and Chattanooga via its Internet Essentials program over the course of the last six years. The Telco has extended the Internet Essentials program to about 30,000 households in Tennessee, which comprises of 3000 homes in Chattanooga alone.

Officials from Comcast® stated that the Internet Essentials program has been an immense success. Overall, it has benefitted about 4 million Americans and one million households to access high-speed broadband internet for a price of $9.95 per month.

Comcast® has made several initiatives in extending the internet services to eligible and low-income sections of the society. The $350 million investments that the company has made from 2011 onwards have been used mainly for funding many of the digital literacy initiatives and in providing affordable computers to schools, eligible households, and individuals. The Telco has also announced major upgrades to the Internet Essentials with an increase in download speeds to 15 megabits per second and upload speeds about 2 Mbps.

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According to Comcast® spokesperson Sara Jo Walker, “Doing so will enable more family members to connect more devices to the Internet so they can all be online simultaneously.”

Internet Essentials is an affordable and comprehensive package to provide the best internet broadband access to eligible households and individuals. It is solely meant to alleviate many of the key hindrances to the adoption of broadband internet among the people such as access to computers, reasonable internet service, and digital literacy.

Internet Essentials program mainly functions via Comcast’s partnership with numerous school districts, libraries, non-profit community organizations, and elected officials across the country. As a part of the program, Comcast® has already succeeded in distributing more than 65,000 computers at subsidized rates of $150 per item. The Telco has also distributed about 55 million Internet Essential program materials across numerous institutions, which includes more than 55,000 schools across 5000 school districts located in 39 states.

“The success of Comcast’s Internet Essentials program has been through the united efforts of our dedicated employees, our external advocates including business, education and non-profit partners, and the local families who recognize the importance of the internet,” Comcast’s regional senior vice president, Doug Guthrie said. “We’re proud of the ongoing progress of Internet Essentials and that so many Tennesseans have been able to take advantage of this program.”