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Comcast Corporation® has stated that it has increased the prices for their triple play packages in 2018. The packages will now cost an additional amount of $5 per month for the year and will result in an increase in the monthly charges collected from customers. Comcast® in spite of being the best internet and TV provider faces stiff competition from various streaming services such as Netflix. The increase in prices for the year is to address the threats faced by these streaming services and ensure its continued operation by offering uninterrupted cable services to customers.

Comcast® first initiated the hike in charges in the regions of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Wilmington by late December. Comcast® has informed Xfinity customers across the regions regarding the increase in charges of the services. The price increase is also because Comcast® customers are provided with more services for the charges paid. However, this increase in prices will not affect a majority of the customers as most of them are under contract or promotions. The increased prices will come into effect for customers after their promotions and contracts have been expired.

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As a result, a Preferred XF Triple Play Bundle is going to cost about $166.49, which is higher than the previous amount of $161.49. Likewise, for the Starter XF Triple Play Bundle, the price has increased to $153.49 per month while the monthly rate of HD Complete XF Triple Play Bundle has also been increased to $251.49. In its broadcast television lineup, the rate for the channels has also increased to $7.50 per month and regional sports fees to $6.75 per month.

Moreover, the modem rental fees of Comcast® have increased to $11 per month from the previous $10. Alongside that, Comcast® has also increased the rates for its services and installation to $40 from the $35.20, which is about 13.6 percent higher. The telecom company has put forward plans to minimize service calls and service personnel consulting by handling out self-installation kits and remote support and diagnosis via call centers.

Jennifer Bilotta, Comcast® spokesperson stated, “We continue to make significant investments in our network and technologies to give customers more for their money – like faster Internet service and better Wi-Fi, more video across viewing screens, innovations like X1 and a better customer experience. We must pass along a portion of these higher costs to our customers. As a result, on average, nationally, the customer bill will increase by 2.2% in 2018.”