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In a recent announcement, Comcast Corporation stated that they have increased their number of outdoor hotspots in Burlington city to 120. The provider did this by adding additional 50 outdoor Xfinity WiFi hotspots in the city.

The launch of these outdoor hotspots is actually a part of the ongoing WiFi network expansion in Comcast’s Vermont footprint, which now has approximately 4,800 business hotspots and 600 outdoor hotspots. These hotspots act as free access points and allow the Xfinity customers to access internet at a much better speed with ease.

These business and outdoor hotspots launched by Comcast Corporation is located near dining and shopping destinations, auto repair businesses, hair salons, places of worship, government offices, and in other venues where customers visit regularly. The new outdoor hotspots launched in the city are located around the City Hall Park, at the corner of Bank Street and St. Paul Street and along Pearl Street from Greene Street to Battery Street.

Comcast has already introduced 15 million hotspots across the country, and most of the Xfinity internet subscribers can access them at zero extra charges. Michael Parker, senior vice president of Comcast’s Western New England Region said, “Especially during the holiday season, we know it’s important to our Vermont customers to be able to connect to the Internet on the go. We’re proud to continue to invest in our Wi-Fi network in Burlington and across Vermont to bring area residents new levels of connectivity and convenience.”

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Almost all Xfinity internet subscribers can access the Xfinity WiFi hotspots by simply selecting the “xfinitywifi” option from the list of available WiFi networks either on their mobile devices or on their laptops. They can sign in and access the network by entering their personal Comcast email and the corresponding password.

Company representatives said that Comcast Xfinity internet subscribers can easily locate the outdoor and business hotspots by downloading the Xfinity WiFi app. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

A recent study revealed that approximately 88 percent of entire US data traffic on portable devices would travel over WiFi by the year 2018. With such initiatives, it seems as if Xfinity WiFi network from Comcast is determined to provide the faster internet connection to their subscribers at work, home, and in all other popular outdoor areas in the country.