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Dish Packages

There is a perfect competition between cable TV services and satellite TV providers in the US. While leading companies like DirecTV and Dish Network dominate the satellite TV industry, Comcast stands out among all cable TV alternatives. However, cable companies have been losing customers for the last few years against satellite giants.

The attractive Dish Network packages and DirecTV deals seem to have worked in favor of them, perusing people to ditch cable TV services. Nevertheless, recent reports indicate that Comcast is still managing to gain new customers.

The Latest Report

It was recently revealed that Comcast managed to gain as many as 89,000 customers in the fourth quarter of 2015. This is in fact the best performance of the company in the last eight years.

Comcast has been losing customers since satellite services like DirecTV and Dish came into play. Other cable services like Verizon FiOS and Time Warner Cable were also affected by the increasing popularity of satellite TV services.

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Meanwhile, the reports further say that Comcast’s new customers are not those who are fed up with any satellite deals, but a majority of them are customers of other cable services. They were looking for better cable TV alternatives, and were attracted to the new deals by Comcast.

At the same time, there is significant number of customers who are completely avoiding satellite and cable services. This latest cord-cutting trend and popularity of internet TV services like Hulu and Netflix has a great share here.

According to some sources, the only thing that makes people prefer Comcast to arch rivals DirecTV and Dish is its bundle deals. Comcast’s new customers gave first priority to broadband services rather than TV channels. And guess what, DirecTV is coming up with data bundle packages soon. Let us wait and see how Comcast copes with this challenge.